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By MadManCK
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Beardroid91 wrote:
Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:28 pm
Soooo nearly a month later how is the build coming along ?
On hold. No time, no space and too many other things to take care of.
I have been away also frequently, as there is some construction work been done on my house. (foundation)

And for the build itself, i'm not convinced about the use of the triple top. I had to really tighten the res and top to move it in the right direction. And there are so many connections now, that the chance of leakage is there.

Finalizing the loop is a little puzzle. I just need to take time and patience to finish the loop. It has become a side project now. If i do not focus, i will make mistakes. And with a build like this that would be a waste and costly.
The slow delivery of the motherboard has really messed up everything. And i need to do firmware upgrades on everything as well. Things can still go horribly wrong.

Normally i would have finished a build like this in two weeks or so. :geek:

It will get done eventually. :lol:
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By Beardroid91
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Ah okay, well I hear November nights are so long plenty of time there :mrgreen:

But yea the mobo was mega delayed, but still have you had the cpu for nearly half a year by now?

But hope you can clear up some time and space soon for the last push to the finished system :)
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By MadManCK
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Right now, i'm still experiencing some kind of "builders block". There are a few options of how to proceed.
Maybe i should have build the "old" PC in another case first. To continue racing and to create videos.

I might stick to the 2 radiators i already installed. With a 240/30 (push) and 240/60 (P/P) config, it has way more capacity than i will ever need already.
I'm a bit reluctant with the EFI-BIOS flash, as this Mobo has no back up ROM, like my previous motherboard had. Basically, if the flash goes wrong, you are toast :lol:
But it will be needed to get the most out of the CPU, memory and chipset.

Good new is that i will have a new maid next week or so. And i'm looking for some storage facility to get rid of some boxes.
A bit of space will help create some room to build.

Most of the construction work on the foundation of my house has been done. After that the rebuilding of the shop downstairs can start.
It is scheduled to be finished in December. I really want to see them doing that :D

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By Beardroid91
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House ?! don't you live in an apartment building? But good they are finally about to be done with the build.

The mobo BIOS flash is super easy, just download the BIOS file from the Asus mobo's support pages and put it on a USB stick and put it in it and boot up and go into the BIOS and install it, it is super easy and risk free as long as you don't loose power doing the BIOS flash, i have done it about 6 times to me Asus mobo without issues.

Also how hard can it be to install the parts in the case and put on the fittings and tubing connecting it, and then fill it up, shouldn't be that hard considering you already have all the parts you need for it, and you might not need / want to use the 120mm radiator you had planned to use as it is going to look out of place.

Should be 5-6 hours - so an evening of Skyrim :P :lol:
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By MadManCK
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Probably more like a few days in actual build time.

I like to work organized and right now i'm looking for parts every single time. Wasting 50% of my time searching. I don't even know where it all is stored anymore. :lol:
Once that is a bit more streamlined, i can do things a lot more quicker.

I don't like unfinished projects, so it will get done.

The electronics and hardware upgrades will be done later. But i need to get all basic functionality done before i start with the tubing.
So many additional stuff i never worked with, like RGB lighting from different brands that has to match colors and also do some basic cable management before i continue. Maybe i should post a pic of the cable salad and than you might understand what i'm talking about :mrgreen:

I would really hate disassembling anything again, because it won't work.
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By Beardroid91
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Yea you need to do a dry test of hardware to make sure it still works as intended or it'll be a big headache to solve down the road when it is on water.

But yeah need a alot of space for all the PC gear (mostly the case itself ... ) but yea do what you have to to get it done.
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By MadManCK
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I totally dig this new Coolermaster Cosmos C700 :2thumbsup:

It has a much more clever layout for watercooling purposes.
The harddrive bays, Jayz is talking about, i have removed in favor of the bottom radiator, and than there still are 6 bays left. So that is a valid point. For 300$, they could have included at least 4x 3,5" bays. :D

I like the looks and the shrouds that come with it. Very clever design. And finally a good build vid from Jay again. I got tired of all the Studio hassle videos. Back to where he is good at. And i need an assistent as well :lol:

On the down side, i got confirmation this week, that the work on the foundation will take longer. That seems to be standard practice these days with building projects. But it will take at least until Februari. Not happy with that.
And as long as they continue drilling and hammering, i will not be able to continue my build.

I also have to keep an eye on the work now, as nobody from the owners actually has some knowledge about construction work and i do.
The amount of work on the shop downstairs is massive as well. It will be their flagship store when it is ready.

What i will do now, is gather all the parts and components in a single large plastic container, so i do not have to search the house anymore for parts when i continue. I will use smaller plastic boxes to store all the bolts and mounting materials and another one for the fittings. I should have done that much earliers, but was a bit disorganized.
And when the heavy work has been done and the interior architects start their work, i can continue with my build.

When i look at that new Cosmos case, i should have bought that one and left the old system like it was. But i have done most basic mounting stuff in my case already and only need to finish the wiring, which is a massive task in case of a Cosmos II, as well as the tubing.
The cable bundles are wrist thick, just to give an idea.
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By Beardroid91
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Geeee just how much are they paying you for that trouble.... ?!

Well that sucks, gather it all up and book a hotel room and finish the damn thing :mrgreen:

Is it a house or an apartment/flat? Also won't the global warming not flood the basement by the time it is done ?

And yeah you could have bought a new case for the cost of the sidepanel :whistle:
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By MadManCK
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It is a complex of multiple houses, that are now split in appartments.

And yes, that case would have made my build life a lot easier as it is fully watercool prepared. The cosmos II was more for Aio and also meant as a server or that kind of purposes. These cases are huge.
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By Beardroid91
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Anything new happening to the build, or is the apartment still a warzone ?

BTW just how much do you regret not getting a Intel 8700K ?? :lol:
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