Got a new rig to show off or just want help with the latest Tech, if it’s for PC this is the place.
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By MadManCK
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Yes, a six core multithreded cpu for the price of a quad core single i5.

Similar performance in games, but massively better in productivity.

Watching from power draw, i would stick to 4.0Ghz as anything above exponentially increases heath.
Unless you are der8auer and OC to almost 6Ghz on LN :lol:
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By MadManCK
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The 1600X and 1500X were shipped to testers around the globe first. And for good reason.
It appears that the 1600 non X performs just as well. Similar to the 1700X vs 1700 non X.

This also means that the 1600 is the best buy if you want a hexacore for a ridiculous sharp price.

My advise for RyZen remains to get the 8 core 1700 non X if you can. If you want to go for a 6 core CPU, grab the 1600 non X.
At 220$ it is a steal. Especially compared to what team blue has to offer at a similar price tag.

The whole X thing appears to be just a marketing tool. Leave the X to professor Xavier from X-men :lol:
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