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By MadManCK
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Biostar comes with the first ITX AM4 board. And it includes the high end X370 chipset.
I'm always amazed what they can put on a little surface like that. Developing these mini boards requires some ingenuity, as they usually have more layers of PCB to host all the features.

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By Beardroid91
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Yes it is very impressive to see how much brands like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI put on ITX boards, i think the ITX ROG version X370 could be one of the options i would look for if and when the time comes, i wouldn't be buying a very low-end brand's ITX board as BIOS support could be a massive issue and not to forget there is also the build quality to consider.
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By MadManCK
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The side by side video of Joker might be a hoax according to others, who got the same fps results with the 7700K at 4Ghz, instead of 5Ghz.

So there might be some slightly biased reviews for both camps there. :lol:

I just watched a video from Paul, who did some OC on 1800X, 1700X and 1700 and improved fps on GTA V a lot. 10% + at least.
It also showed that the normal 1700 is a steal, compared to the others. IMO they are all the same silicon with different badging and settings. But a 1700 at 3.9 almost performs similar to the higher binned ones. 124 vs 129 fps is nothing. 7700K performance was 138, so still a bit higher. You won't notice these differences at all in games. With multicore optimizations in mind, the RyZen 1700 is best buy now. That is my personal conclusion anyway.
With todays knowledge i might have bought the 1700 instead of the 1800X and save 250€ in the process. 1800X is better silicon, but still.
Price difference is not justified at all if i watch these review videos and the ease they have to get the 1700 (non X) to 3.9Ghz on all cores. Future updates might increase the differences, but probably not by much.
The whole X-factor feels like a Jedi mind trick somehow. :lol:
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By Beardroid91
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I lost my fate in Joker's reviews a long time ago.

But yes the 1700 non X is going to upset the higher binned models alot as they can't out perform it enough to matter.
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By MadManCK
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Yes, you literally have to take all reviews with a grain of salt.

Some reviewers are getting a truckload of Horse manure over them right now. Maybe some deserve that more than others. But the community is very immature in that regard. Even threats have been made, which is totally crossing the line.

Fact remains that some reviewers made "wrong" recommendations, ignoring the RyZen potential in games for example. And that is just misleading. Especially considering it is a new platform and a new architecture. With optimizations the gap will close, if there is a real gap anyways. And because of this, the review felt biased. Maybe being too critical backfires a bit now.
Recent reviews from Paul and Jay were much more fair in that regard. And Jay had more reasons to complain as he blew up a Motherboard.

RyZen is about all round performance.
And that includes games.

RyZen is perfectly fine to play games on. And it is future proof. Where it really shines is the multicore optimized workloads. Multi tasking, rendering and gaming and streaming at the same time will be a piece of cake.
For gaming only you can consider getting a fast Intel quad core. But how long will that last? All current game developments work with DX12 and multicore optimizations. And patches for recent games are also made.
In addition to that, the single core RyZen performance is not bad. It is more than enough to play all older titles in full glory.

So maybe some reviewers should put things more in perspective, before making negative comments that won't hold in the long run.

What i think the community rage is mostly about, is that some reviewers do not give the brand new RyZen a fair chance. At least that is the feeling that emerged from it. If it is because AMD created a hype, or that some expected more does not really matter. Creating a bad vibe for a new product is really a bad choice. Especially if the overall conclusion is that everybody is happy that Intel gets some competition.
If reviewers want to be acknowledged for being unbiased, they should act accordingly. :twocents-02cents:
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By Beardroid91
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Well put.

Have you seen the shadow of the motherboard yet, or is it still not shipped yet?
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By MadManCK
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I found another good review, that takes in consideration that a new platform takes some time to mature and also ends up positive about the AMD come back, like it should. I obviously prefer honesty above biased reviews. No matter who's side they are on.

He made some interesting remarks bout small fps drops on skylake/kaby lake. I have seen them occasionally on my 6600K. So i do know what he is talking about.
RyZen seems not to suffer from that with a high and steady fps. Maybe even more important than peak performance alone. It improves game smoothness. Up to now the only review i have seen that mentions this.

The other remark about the new ASUS Motherboard, gives reason for concern. I have seen many reviewers now, who struggle with that board.
And that might be the reason why it still has not shipped yet. And to be frankly, i rather have a good working board, than one i have to return. But my shop did not contact me about an alternative.
If i'm correct, ASUS will develop a BIOS that will work with most configurations. Non working boards are bad for their rep.

There are some videos from dissappointed builders who could not even boot their system and returned everything to the shop. :eeek:
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By Beardroid91
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Never thought Asus would mess up their Crosshair VI Hero motherboard, but this is all AMD's fault for not giving them enough time.

But heard MSI boards have no issues or just much less, but the Asus had more features and i seriously doubt Asus will let their Crosshair VI Hero be a failure.

Wow my i7 4790K stil able to keep up with the Ryzen 1800X in games :P
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By MadManCK
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The RyZen R7 1700 (non X) is the new performance king.

Gamer Nexus did a much more balanced review this time (maybe they have read some of the colorfull comments) and actually recommends it. They did OC their sample to 3.9 in workloads and 4.0 in games. With results close to the 1800X, it virtually makes that CPU too expensive and maybe even obsolete. Overall performance will be a little bit better on the 1800X but the price difference is simply too much. Even more the 6900K at 3x the price.

They still do not mention that most new games will be multicore optimized. And that makes current quad core solutions less favorable if you upgrade now IMO.
RyZen performance is still somewhat limited by BIOS version and settings. Next week there will be new BIOS versions from ASUS.

I will continue to follow all relevant reviewers, to see what differences it will bring.
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By MadManCK
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Just to underline the massive BS about the gaming performance of RyZen, JayZ2cents made a video, just playing some demanding games.

And a comprehensive gaming test from HWUnboxed

So, after watching these vids, i can already draw the conclusion that gaming on RyZen 8 cores is just fine. :geek:
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