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By Pca9
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I guess my speed is fast for others, but for me it is a bit slow:P I have wireless internet and my room have weak signal for some reason, I can really get like 10ms, 50mbit down and like 15 mbit up
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By Bezrider
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Nice speed :eeek:
I'm thinking of downgrading some of my Sky subscription and using the money I will save to get Sky Fibre (just need to convince the girlfriend to give up some of the Sky channels :lol: )
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By Bezrider
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33lakeside wrote:Image
Holy crap that's some speed, even on fibre I would get nowhere near that. :(
The UK is definitely behind the times when it comes to internet speeds. :oops:
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By Miao
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Bezrider wrote:The UK is definitely behind the times when it comes to internet speeds. :oops:
Yea, even Vietnam got faster speeds. Image
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By mclaren6
Rank: Apprentice


*hysterical laughter*

Moral of the story: never complain about your speed, unless its lower than that. :lol:

EDIT: Just looked on BTs site, apparently our exchange is getting fibre in 2015... :eeek: Well now I'm hyped :2thumbsup:
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By Beardroid91
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That's some really messy ping times some of you have, your internet can be insanely fast, but if the ping is that high, then it is abit wasted...

Ping = the time it takes to go from pc to server and back to the pc again (pc -> server -> pc)

Here is my internet

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