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By MadManCK
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Yeah, only reason for clear tubing (non UV) is when you want to use a colorant. That can be awesome as well. But it must fit the rest of the build to make it stand out. The white tubing will look awesome. And when you decide to do a colored fluid, you can always grab some clear tubing in the future. But draining and filling a complete system is a work of patience.

If i go ahead with the watercooling, i will pick full cover blocks from EK, because i like them and they also cool the VRM and VRAM much better than the partially passive solution from Alphacool. I also disagree with that table. Most real life tests show a better performance of the EKWB. And prices have dropped a bit for my 780Ti block, so i'll pick that one.

Good luck with the build. It has become a cool project. :occasion-snowman:
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By Beardroid91
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I have made quite a bit of small but useful mods to my case, also i'm selling my Corsair H100i GTX in favor of getting a Swiftech H220-X watercooler, and then in the future upgrading that with white tubes and full water loop, but more about that in another post.

I have ordered a white LED strip, Akasa Vegas 60cm which is the same type as my other LED strips. I thought i had get white as blue didn't suit my build anymore, so i'm pretty much only wait for that before i can move my hardware over in the P183 case again.

I also made a 120 fan mount to which sits as an intake in the 3 unused 5,25" drivebays, it's nothing specials but i gets the job done ;)
2015-06-09 16.01.56.jpg
2015-06-09 16.02.22.jpg
Next i thought i could be great to put two SSD's together, so i found some doublesided tape and stuck them on each side of a 3,25" mounting tray for an SSD (painted it first, but get sand of the paint to make it stick), it ended up working well and looking nice in the harddrive cage. My SSD's are a Samsung 840 Evo 256GB and a Intel 330 180GB. I'm happy with how they mount now, and love that CableMod thought outside the box and upgraded the normal EVGA 3 satapower cable to one with 4 satapower :D
2015-06-09 16.06.55.jpg
2015-06-09 16.07.55.jpg
2015-06-09 15.54.53.jpg
2015-06-09 15.55.09.jpg
As you can see the pictures above then i also put a fan on the top harddrive cage with a white grill ;)
2015-06-09 16.00.27.jpg
Here is the bottom harddrive cage installed into the case.
2015-06-09 16.01.16.jpg
And this is what the case looks like now.
2015-06-09 15.59.36.jpg
More to come once i get the parts i need :)
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By Beardroid91
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Finally got a response from Antec Europe, and they do in fact have a P183 V3 USB3 front bezel for my case, but at 42 euros ... But i'll need it :mrgreen: But i fear it'll be awhile before i get.
Skærmbillede 2015-06-11 15.23.29.png
Also i think i nearly have the cable management thought out now, but hard to think of ways to think the inside of the clear but i think i'm getting there ;)
2015-06-11 16.29.48.jpg
2015-06-11 16.29.59.jpg
2015-06-11 16.31.36.jpg
The backside is the messy side of the build, mind you i still need to figure out fan cables and SATA date cable of which i discovered i need alot more strait SATA data cables, because i turned the harddrives, the cables are the black and white Asus bundled cables, they fit perfect into the theme, so i found a vendor on that sells packs of 2 (angel and strait) for only 1 pound and also has free shipping, so i ordered 5 more 8-)
I also changed the original PCI slot covers to some other ones that will allow for more airflow. But undecided if i want to keep it that way, what do you guys think?
P183 PCI covers 1.png
P183 PCI covers 2.png
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By MadManCK
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You see how awesome it looks as you stick to a color theme. Cablemod is the icing on the cake for sure. I would stick with the new slotcovers. They look cool. Maybe place some dust filter behind it, if needed. Overall build looks clean and tidy now. It is coming along nicely.

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By Beardroid91
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I also got my white Akasa Vegas 60cm LED strip today, so i could finally test the center fangrill with white backlighting, and it looks pretty awesome imo., now i just need to figure out how to have the light in the top of the case as it wouldn't great if it was a flood of light, i think it would be better to play with the darker inside with key highlight etc., but nothing to blinding besides the white Primochill tubes when i get them :lol:

But this is look it looks like now, it is just the way plan i should be 8-)
2015-06-11 22.42.33.jpg
2015-06-11 21.46.36.jpg
2015-06-11 22.49.22.jpg
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By Beardroid91
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I've done my research and this is how my waterloop will have to look once i make it :D

I'm from the (Pump > CPU > GPU > 120mm radiator > 240 mm radiator / reservoir > pump), it will look like this.
Final Custom waterloop plan (H220-X).png
The Swiftech H220-X has a filport into the reservoir which is where the drain tube is going to be connected to make my life easier when it is time to change the fluids a 1 or 2 down the road, the drain tube will be a clear tube with a ball lock valve to close the loop. (The will faced with the front down for draining as it is the lowest part of the loop then) ;)

Still looking at the parts list, but i know i'll use Primochills 13/10mm elegant white tubing, with EK's ACF 13/10mm black fittings, and a few of EK's 45* and 90* angle adapters :)

As for coolant then i'll use distilled water with the anti-corrosion and algae additive, so that is what where is same is the best option.

Might add a list of the parts i need to order for this build when i'm done picking them.
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By Beardroid91
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I have made a few drawing for how loop could end up looking on OCN, this the loop i like the most, it is the 3 idea of the loop.
Watercooling loop idea 3.png
As i think by third idea of the loop is the best i have put together a parts list, not cheap, but i think it will be worth it.

The Shopping list for the 3. loop watercooling idea

Nickel fittings, as there is no point in hiding them in system when cost as much as they do, so i want to see those small suckers in the build biggrin.gif But Black cost the same, and could look good too in the build.

12x - EK ACF 13/10mm fittings
2x - EK AF angled 90* adapters
6x - EK AF angled 45* adapters
2x - EK extenders G1/4
1x - Stop ball valve
1x - EK fitting plug G1/4
1x - EK AF extender (M to M G1/4)
1x - G1/4 temperature sensor (F to F G1/4) (measuring the return water temp before it enter the 240mm rad / reservoir, the plan is the connect the temp sensor to the motherboard and run the fans of that signal)

Primochill Flex A. LRT 13/10mm elegant white (2 or 3 meters)
Primochill 13/10 anti-kink coil (for looks only)
Masterkleer 13/10mm clear (1 meter), (for the drain/fil system)

2x - Alphacool Ultra Pure Water (distilled) 1 liter
1x - Anti corrosion and algae additive 50 ml
1x - Filler bottle 500 ml for filling and draining

1x - Alphacool Nexxxos ST30 120mm radiator
1x - XSPC 240mm fan gasket
1x - XSPC 120mm fan gasket

1x - Alphacool Nexxxos GPX - GTX 970 M03 - (for Giga's 970 G1)

Combo kit. (pump and reservoir etc.):
1x - Swiftech H220-X

I think that is about all the parts i will need for my watercooling loop, it all adds up to a jaw dropping cost of 502 euros including shipping cost, it is alot of money, but i have come this far, so i might aswell do it, as i'm itching to build this loop ;)

I think my loop is more advanced than it needs to be with the use of all of those fitting etc., but think it will work and look very cool once it is done. I know the temperature sensor is not need, but i'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to how my PC runs, so is a must for me, but it all adds up to highend loop by the time it is done, or atleast that is the plan :D

Am i on the right track on should i change something out ?? I need to know before i commit to the fully custom water loop.

I think i could save about 30 euros on the adapter fittings, but it is more or less the price of the system
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By MadManCK
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Most effective loop would be PUMP-GPU-12RAD-CPU-240RAD/RES.

That way the heated water from the GPU will be cooled down a little bit, before it enters the CPU block. For the overall loop temp it does not matter how you place them.
Best to dry-mount everything without tubes. And try out some tubing so you get the cleanest look.

Mounting the GPU and CPU in a row will only raise the temp of the second in the loop by a couple of degrees. Nothing really shocking. 8-)

Also starting the flow from the lowest part in your loop (GPU block), will make it more easy to push out the airbubbles.

500 is a lot of cash. I was already confronted with around 800 for a complete custom loop. Good watercooling setups don't come cheap.
But it will look awesome.
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By Beardroid91
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Heh yea isn't cheap, btw all i have heard about watercooling tells me that having blocks after each shouldn't be an issue as the water is constantly moving round the system and being cooled, plus 3. idea looks the best imo. Besides my hardware isn't producing that much heat.

But i'll try to cut down on the use of adapter fittings as i have used to many of them imo. and they are 5-7 euros for each.
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By MadManCK
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I think Alphacool has angled fittings with pressure fitting included. Those can move around a bit. And it will save you extra pressure fittings.

Trick is to use as less tubing as possible. That will make it look clean. So carefully measuring and cutting is a job of patience.
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