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By That_One_Guy_215
Rank: Learner Driver
this game just needs sum but i dont know what do u know ??????? :?:

The severs might be shut down this June

I have The couplet edition

the resion why the severs might be being shut down if they are gone be shut down is that we all keep having game freezes and they clam they are having to many come plants i dont think it is all true they might try to fix the problem
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By That_One_Guy_215
Rank: Learner Driver
this is a game that needs to add more cars and it is a roomer that the severs are going to be shut down June 15th do u believe this roomer or not
By snake250
Rank: Mechanic
Midnight club La is from 2008 Rockstar won't give a crap about this game anymore. i am aware someone has said this already but your English is bad but before you hit enter on the keyboard please read over it...
By Egoist208
Rank: Learner Driver
I have this game and let me just say that the physics suck. Plus, how is it like playing online in that game? I have never tried it.
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