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By Karu62
Rank: Mechanic
roger that Bezrider. I figured MadCatz was a good brand, but wanted an opinion anyway. thanks for the comment. sounds like this will be the one, it is one of the lowest price 8200 dpi mice I could find.
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By Beardroid91
Rank: Petrol Head
That looks like a pretty good mouse for the money, i just hope it is comfortable to hold after hours of heated gameplay :mrgreen:

But in general, then a gaming mouse is a personal preference, it all depend on the gamers hand size and the way he/she grips the mouse - but it looks like the mouse you picked is adjustable, so you should be good ;)

But it can be trail 'n error before a gamer finds a good trusty gaming mouse that suits them well or they just simply adapt to it :lol:

Personally i have been using a Logitech G700 wireless gaming mouse for about 3-4 years now, and it suits my big hand nicely, but its over double the price of the one you are looking at 8-)
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By Fulysic
Rank: Pit Crew
This is just my opinion i have i think 4 mice now :) think i gave one away but you should always go to local store which ever that is for you and hold it in your hand to see how it sort of feels and how you grip it.

I have big metal fabricator hands i purchased a mouse online found i kept hitting side button as im palmer not a claw holder so i always have rule of thumb mouse is like shoes always try them on first.

Mouse you linked i found buttons were to sensitive but other than that its good product
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
50$ is still a lot of money for a gaming mouse. It looks very cool and he will be very happy with it for sure. :lol:

I do know some very good gamers, who use a 10$ mouse. So gaming mice might be a bit overrated. On the other hand, if you can get used to all the extra buttons, it can be an asset in certain games.
For the rest it depends if you are right- or left handed, size of your hands and things like personal strenght. But if it is adjustable it should fit most hands nicely. For most kids it should be sturdy as well.

This MadCatz looks badass for sure :party:
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By Karu62
Rank: Mechanic
there are a lot of times when I watch him playing Call of ROBLOXIA and tries to make a longshot only to fight the mouse. so I figured I would get him a good mouse and see if it helps.
By Joocyfroot
Rank: Learner Driver
I don't know much about gaming mice, but if I were to have received something like this when I was a kid I would think it's awesome just based on looks alone lol.

It's 8200 DPI though which means he'll be able to get precision on smaller movements of the mouse, which is a good thing.
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