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By Fulysic
Rank: Pit Crew
[hr]The G27 Belt Drive Conversion:

So I have be looking at doing this for a long time but with big mods that have not been done before comes alot of risk especially anything that runs on electricity.

I have spent alot of time planing this on paper and in theory it should work yes it will be alot of work and possibly alot of money but I just want to try something different

Why am i looking at doing this mod well on my G27 I run what is known as a force feed back mod as seen in link below but mine is more powerful than the one shown in video.
[BBvideo 640,360][/BBvideo]

Issue's i started to face from this FFB mod was the extra power started to find weak spots in G27 mainly the gear drive below is list of damaged wheels that have now become donation wheels

2x wheels blow gear drive
3x wheels cooked electrical boards
1x wheel unknown issue
2x wheels blown electric motors

Theses wheels will be used as parts for the experiment the first prototype time frame is unknown

I will be using similar system to CSW and will be using the same motors as CSW due to the fact i don't really want people trying this some parts i won't be identifying certain information.

This mod will have very slow progress and won't be done in a week so I will only post info here as I go but i must express it will be slow process due to work and the fact this kind of mod its better to take your time this is no small task I have spent 6 months just planing this on paper and sourcing parts I think will be necessary to complete this conversion.

My concerns:
Fitting this inside the G27 plastic cover
Computer boards ability to process the mod
Fitting the FFB mod back on
General wheel operation if it works

Final thoughts I do have some concerns about this actually working but if you don't try you will never know when i run the first test for this it will be tested on dummy PC not my gaming PC if mod is successful no I will NOT be selling it or giving finer details on how to do this yourself

I have spent a very long time poking around inside G27's and im pretty familiar with them I have alot of worn out G27's which give's me the ability to try this at home.

If i die trying this i regret nothing and it was all in the name of sim racing science (joke)

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By Beardroid91
Rank: Petrol Head
Sounds interesting ;)

Good luck with your mod, try not to electrocute yourself, or rip your arms off when testing the FFB :lol:

But wouldn't it be easier just getting a whole Fanatec CSW with a warranty ? :think:
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
CSW V2 will be epic. I got a new code after i forgot to use my one in September last year :angry-banghead:
So i have to wait for the next batch as well. Probably in June.
Good part about it is that some initial fabrication issues will be fixed with the next batch.

You surely wear out those G27's. But after this belt conversion it will be as good as most new wheels i think. There is a lot of stuff available for the G27 as it is still a very popular wheel.
The decision of Logitech to stop developing new wheels is a very poor one.
I had a G25 before my CSW V1 and that one lasted at least 4 years and survived a lot of torture from RBR, GP, TDU1 etc.
So they both had a good rep, a large fan base and a wide support in games. So what do you do? Stop developing new wheels :facepalm:

I'm looking forward to some pics of the belt conversion. Maybe one day i will place another rim on my G25 and do some modding myself. If the base is the same off course. Just for the fun of doing it.
I have seen a foldable racing seat from Playseat that will allow me to setup 2 rigs, so you can race each other. :dance:

Good luck with this conversion mod :2thumbsup:
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