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By MadManCK
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I managed to get the pedals to work by independently connecting them to USB. Latest drivers and firmware updates on the hub and the seat works surprisingly well. It does move around a bit, so i reduced FFB. For the rest is my factory custom refurbished V1 Fanatec (V2 motor) very good. V2 is better as it is more smooth. They have different control hardware. For now i'm glad i have a solution to do some racing. 8-)

Just done some Summit events in the Crew. A couple of top 100 places but nothing fancy.
Not bad, racing with a beefed up garden chair. It does fold including the mounted wheel, but than it takes some space. Still a smart solution if you do not want a permanent rig.
There are plenty of velcron cable binders packed with it to guide all the wires to the frame.

I had to lower the seat and move the pedals forward to make room for my knees , which is an easy task with just 2 bolts to adjust. For a heavy worlder like myself, the space in the chair is a bit tight. But it fits and once you drive you do not pay attention to any discomforts anyway. The seat itself is very comfortable with the Alcantara padding and the tilted seating position. I must have been racing for 3 hours straight. :lol:
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By MadManCK
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You gotta love that shop name; Boys Stuff, Home of the Man Cave :loll:


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