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By Miao
Rank: Champion
I still think gamin' should be in a television screen and not in some goofy lookin' googles and chair.
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By Whoamus
Rank: Pit Crew
Miao wrote:I still think gamin' should be in a television screen and not in some goofy lookin' googles and chair.
Still need the goofy goggles but where this is going, you wont need a chair. Not really a racing sim item but still interesting.
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Yes, i saw that MSI backpack. It will sell for a whopping 2000+ over here. But it will give the freedom to move around. Comes with double battery pack. If you even played a game on a gaming laptop, you know they won't last very long on one charge. :lol:

I do expect fully wearable helmets with built in one chip computers. It won't be long untill that will happen. Just look what the Nvidia X1 can do already.

But i do agree on the screen. I play from the lazy chair on the big screen right now and really like that way of playing games.

But i'm also very curious. VR is the future of gaming. But it will take 2 or 3 generations before it will really work like it should. And these smartphone holders are just pathetic.

Now where did i leave my tectonic suit... :lol:
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By MadManCK
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Maybe less racing related, but there are now companies starting kick starter projects for developing VR Suits.

Image ... me-feel-it

How far would you take your gaming experience?
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By Karu62
Rank: Mechanic
i followed the developement of the Oculus Rift before Zuckerberg bought it. the main reason why the Vive and all the other VR sets came out before the Oculus, and why the Oculus is so expensive, is the tech behind the display's. standard displays have a long time interval between switching of the pixels and the pixels stay lit up during the switching process. this created ghosting of the image if you moved too fast. the team at Oculus developed a technology that turns the pixel on for a short time, then turns it back off until it switches or "flashing" the image. this eliminated the ghosting but caused strobing at low fps.

the Oculus Rift needs for the application to run a minimum of 60 fps to prevent this strobing effect. it recommends 80+ fps for best performance of the Rift. this means the game needs to run above 60 FPS for the Oculus to work right.

the Vive and other VR sets dont have this flashing technology so they have a ghosting problem. it is my guess they will solve this given enough time.
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Oculus sells the Rift Bundle this Summer with a nice 35% discount. 450€ over here.
Bundle includes 7 games and XB1 Touch controllers
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