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By MadManCK
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TS-PC Racer

New wheel from TM for the more enthusiast PC gamers. It will be placed slightly above the T500 and is compatible with other Thrustmaster gear, like shifters and pedals.
They need to develop high end pedals as well with load cell and HAL tech to match this new wheel.


It does not look like much with the colored stuff. But it does have a brushless motor of 40w and that will rock.
The wheel will sell for 550€. And that places it in Fanatec territory.
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By Bezrider
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I have no doubt this will be an excellent bit of kit but I do think for that price it should come with a standard type of wheel I hate those half size wheels in those photos they remind me of the ones on flight sims. :P this would definitely put me off buying this. :snooty:

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