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By MadManCK
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Most triple screen setups have way too small monitors, like 22" or 24". This one had huge ones, probably TV. The kink between the bezels can now be removed with the new GTX10xx, so that it looks like one whole screen. And have a more natural appeal.
TV sets have usual more lag, making it less suiable for gaming setups. But some have special gaming settings. Oled TV are awesome but expensive.
In addition to that iRacing migh be one of the best Sims around, but also has slightly outdated graphics. Assetto has both the eye candy and real driving physics, although i think most sliding is unrealistic in all sims.

I prefer my ultra wide 21:9 above these triple screens. Gives a nice natural view and a good sight on the upcoming apex. :party:

It is good to see that professional drivers use these SIMS to prepare for upcming events.
PC racing has come to a very realistic level.
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By MadManCK
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Bezrider wrote:What is GTC10xx ? :?
That was a typo, should be GTX10xx, like GTX1080. New tech for multiscreen setups make perspective corrections, so it does not look weird anymore.

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