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By Bezrider
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Looks cool, I love all those buttons to customise. :drool:
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By MadManCK
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Bezrider wrote:Looks cool, I love all those buttons to customise. :drool:
All the button functionality is also on the wheelhub itself, so you can mount a classic wheel without the buttons spread around the wheel.

The rotary switch is a special one, it also has directional switches and an extra push button.
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By Alowgo
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Howdy Fellow Fanatec Fans:

Just in case you have not been to Fanatec's website lately, Thomas has posted their newest product to the ClubSport series.

Say hello to the ClubSport V3 pedals inverted:

You can find all of the info here.
Just be careful as Fanatec has always been very pricey in the past and this item is no different. GREEDY GREEDY

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By MadManCK
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500$ for a pedal kit. :oops:

At least they included the damperkit for the brake pedal.
I had to pay an additional 89€ for it. And after the Eladur® upgrade i don't even have it installed :shock:

But it is good to see they keep developing their gear. :party:

I have heard rumors about the next CSW Base being direct drive. But i'm happy with the way the V2 feels.
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By Alowgo
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Howdy MdMnCK:

I think you got that wrong. It's really only $200 for the inverted pedals. But you know Fanatec, they don't have just a kit to sell . If you want inverted pedals, you have to buy the V3 pedals that come inverted for $500.

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By MadManCK
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Simpit test of the new and improved wheelbase 2.5. I'll stick to my 2.0 as it suits me well. Functionality remains the same.
This is a very good review, also showing the menu options on the wheel.
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By MadManCK
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Fanatec finally released the full Eladur upgrade kit for the V3 brakes. It looks simple, but does change the way the brakes feel and act. I have been using this kit for a year now and it still feels the same as when i installed it. The use of space station technology polymer compounds is maybe a bit over the top, but it works nicely.
This also explains the hefty price tag of 30$ for the upgrade.

They also announced a new series of sim racing gear, based on a direct drive solution. Direct drive means that the wheel is connected directly to the motor shaft. This can generate a lot of torque. I do hope they will use a brushless motor for it, as that will provide the more smooth Force Feedback response.
Of course these parts will be situated above the Club Sport line of wheels. But they also mentioned other new high end complementary gear from shifters to handbrakes.

For now i will stick to my V2 and upgraded V1 as a back-up. But Fanatec is a company to watch closely, as they tailor their products to the needs and requests of their customers.
Fanatec Direct Drive

It is an open secret that we are working on a Direct Drive wheel. I have posted in several forums and there are some bits of information here and there. It's time to open a single thread for this subject.

This post will be updated from time to time and the main purpose for us is to collect information of what you really want. Of course we already have nailed down several specs but there are still things we can change or add. So please tell us what your dream system looks like.

We are developing more than one base. The main difference will be the maximum torque. The torque range is starting at a competitive level far above the CS WB V2.5 and ranges up to a level most of you will not be able to use for a long time.
It will not replace the CS WB V2.5 and we will keep this model as the best non-DD solution on the market.
The DD wheel bases are the first products of a complete series of hardcore products which are positioned above the ClubSport series. This series will include wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals, shifters and handbrakes in the (very) long run.

The DD will be a typical plug&play product like other Fanatec wheel bases. All in one housing and no cable mess.

Like any other Fanatec product, the DD will be fully certified and lab tested. This will avoid EMI issues and other interference with your other devices. The DD uses a lot of power and huge magnets are involved so this is a very important point which is often not considered until you get a lot of mysterious issues and damages to your whole system.

PC for sure as this is the main market and there is no reason that it should not work on Xbox One. The first generation will not be compatible to PS4.
We have a great relationship with all racing game developers and you can be sure that there will be broad support for this wheel base. Our target is to set a new standard in simracing.

We looked at the current motors on the market and there was nothing which really fulfilled our requirements. Those industrial motors were not designed for simracing. Steppers and hybrid steppers deliver a way too notchy feeling for a hardcore product, no matter how good you tweak the software. Also other servo motors are always a compromise. Therefore we developed complete custom servo motors where we decided about what speed, torque, size, power consumption, pricing etc. we need.

Steering Wheels
All the current ClubSport steering wheels will be compatible. We developed a new QR system on the base to handle the extra power but it will stay a quick release.
There will be no cable from the wheel to the base or to USB. The wheel will be able to rotate unlimited without the risk to snap off a cable or to disturb you while driving.
The CSL and CSL Elite steering wheels will be compatible as well but torque will be reduced if such a wheel is detected.

Q4 2017 Release target
Source: Fanatec
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
McLaren GT3 wheel will be released soon®
Optimized for CSL wheelbase, but also fits on Clubsport base.


Full replica

This is an exact reproduction of the steering wheel used in McLaren GT3 race cars. All switches, paddles, dials, shape and size are designed from the original McLaren CAD files.
Fanatec also has an advent calender with products on auction each day.

PS You will need a Fanatec account to join the bidding :party:
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