By snake250
Rank: Mechanic
hello guys and welcome to a review of the Ipod touch 5th gen

CPU: Apple A5 dual core chip clocked at 800 mhz
Memory: 512MB
Screen size/res: 4" IPS-LCD 640x1136 326ppi
Camera: 5MP 1080p 30fps with LED ( can't get on 16gb modal ) and a 1.2MP front facing camera 720p 30fps
Wifi: 801.11 a-b-g-n 5GHZ
OS: came shipped with ios 6 and will update to ios 7

i've had my blue 32GB ipod touch 5th gen for almost 1 year and still running like the first day, it may only have 512mb of memory and a 800mhz processor which is quite overkill it boot's 15 second quicker than the 4th gen. the screen may only have a 640x1136 resolution but it looks so nice, and this stands out in games like real racing 3 which uses the ipods graphics chip to the maximum but even under that much load the battery will last 3-4 hours ( lowest brightness ) the apple earpods sound so good with the ipod, i recommend you using the earpods as the onboard sound is not the best. Before i give my score, i do warn you the iPod is very light and should have a case

overall only having 2 issues i giveing the Apple Ipod touch 5th gen 9/10
By snake250
Rank: Mechanic
jorgea wrote:That is a high score.
yep, i have a review on a 3GS,ipad 2,iphone 5 comeing in a few weeks
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