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By MadManCK
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It looks like a solution for the handicapped or less capable.

But it also looks 40$ and not 400$ worth. Cheap construction and it moves around.
For 400$ you would expect a sturdy, solid construction, that sticks on your desk and can stand some heavy beating.

It is an original idea and the way it operates can have benefits for some.

Now they need to work on build quality and a more consumer friendly price tag.
Why are the physically impaired always robbed?
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By The-DOG
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I think somebody who is physicly challenged has more trouble using this
since you need both hands for a single letter and is better of using voice activated
software or something with a laser pointer on some glasses. (like people who are paralyzed from the neck down)

With this thing you constantly need both hands and i know plenty of handicapped people who would never
be able to use this, a novel idea true, but im betting not many will buy it.

And the price is just insane IMO
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