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By Cain
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Feel free to post either original video game scores, covers.

Songs that were featured in a video game (i.e. Daddy was a DJ, TDU2) are not allowed, however, if the song was first feature in a video game rather than any other media (i.e. Moon Over The Castle - Masahiro Ando, GT2), then feel free to post it.

[BBvideo 640,360][/BBvideo]
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By Zério
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dpuff wrote:Daddy was a DJ
Another useless spam post by dpuff. :clap:
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By Boxxout3
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Born unto trouble, red dead redemption.

I'd post a link but I'm on an iPad.
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By Miao
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死の (Shino) wrote:" onclick=";return false;
I remember this game. Used to play it all the day with my brother and cousins, we only had a NES to play when we were at Punta Del Leste (where some members of my family lives), back at that time this was the only 4 player game we had, best football game ever. :lol:

This is the music I liked the most:
[BBvideo 640,360][/BBvideo]


Never mind, I confounded the 4 player thing with another video game...
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