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By Boxxout3
Rank: Hot wheels
Well of course, it goes to Red Dead Redemption for me. Just listen to this: ... AGiUeT61mP" onclick=";return false;

And this:" onclick=";return false;

One of the best soundtracks I have heard. Maybe because it is all made from scratch, no licensed music has been used. Beautiful feeling to the western setting, search up more. This was one of the unexpected things that blew me away about RDR.
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By Gatorbait771
Rank: Pit Crew
No way, Box! The best sound track definitely goes to Burnout Revenge.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaands down!!!
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
When it comes to just instrumentals, I have to go with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. There are some incredible pieces of music in that game.

For games with just good music, I'm debating between Burnout 3 Takedown and Spec Ops The Line. Both had awesome music that I still listen to all the time!

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