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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Lol, i still want to do some of the long runs, but most of the time you get logged out or disconnected with your crew when you try. Maybe when less players in general are connected to the servers, it can become more stable to play.

I have not played any racing game in the past few months. And before that i only supported Koru, Luny and a few others with Summit events.
Mostly due to an improvised setup with some beefed up Bug-a-Boo seat* with an older, unsupported Fanatec wheel. It is customized by the factory for me (V1 hub with V2 brushless engine). I can drive, but not push as i like. Inderect controls are killing it for me.

I'm also a bit done with the Crew due to the lack of interest from the dev team to deal with glitch abusers and other fraudulent (IMO) behavior. But i will not let them spoil the fun.
I had a confronting conversation with the former Community Manager at Ivory Tower about Para and others. It has lead to him not or scarsely responding to my PM's. Their loss. I can not take them very serious anymore. Ubi Money rules there now.
They don't really care about a handful of honest players and are bragging about their 9 million copies sold. Good for them, but no reason to get arrogant and forget about those who have helped them out big time at the beginning of The Crew.
I can fill a 2 pages rant about this subject, but i won't. Wast of time and energy. :D

I will return to active racing when my new rig is finished. And that might take a while**. :party:

For now i will try to squeeze in 30 min to 1 hour to do the weekly DT Challenges.

But if there are more players, who want to do the 4 crew achievements and long runs, that would be cool. Probably on Saturdays.

For now i will most likely do some pCars2 first. See how good the final product has become. :party:

* viewtopic.php?f=37&t=1992&start=10#p49403
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Rank: Apprentice
I can connect on Saturdays or Sundays for Crew events and more. Now I found the perfect settings for my driving force gt wheel :D I love to play on cockpit camera, also on PvP and Summit time attacks.
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Lol, i only use cockpit with bikes. Mostly hood view with cars, except the McLaren F1. That one has a good cokpit view and also sounds better in cockpit view ;)

I will try to make time this saturday. But i will watch F1 qualifying live :P
And i want to spend some time on finishing the raw build of my new rig. Takes way too long to get that done.
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By The-DOG
Rank: Apprentice
I still have to keep the shop open on saterday, but evenings are good. :shifty:

Also, Ralph, Starla and me do "the longest course" and "The long road to duty" on
a regular base and we never get disconnected or are unable to finish it.

FDC's however are a disaster for some reason, loosing the crew while driving on totally
random times or unreachable check points killed that part for us. :violin:

Either way i'm happy to assist in anyway i can. :character-oldtimer:
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