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By Boxxout3
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Across The Atlantic Club Who we are and whats the point in this name change? Well thanks for the creation of this section, Bez or whoever suggested it! Good shout! Its Useful due to a few reasons. We are no longer TLUK (TDU2 legends UK). We have decided to go for a name change, all for the best. The reason being is that our club was originally based on TDU2. We never even thought of leaving TDU2, but over the past year or so we have barely touched that game and started playing any game that has great potential. The name "TDU2 Legends UK" is now rendered obsolete. Also, TDU2 Legends UK is probably one of the least creative names ever and I never even intended for anyone overseas to join, but it was never like that. We aren't just from the UK anymore.

Many people from a recent club, that was closely allied with TLUK have also merged with us, provoking a new club name. That club was BCR motorsport, A club that some people here may recognise. This club is also important in the creation of ATA (Autosport).
So, What's your history? Well we all originate from TDU2. That's a given. But its a complex story of how everyone met each other, and some people have only met others as recent as early this year. So there's no time to go into that, but from 2011 just playing TDU2 to now, we have changed a lot. Over time we have faced a massive expansion in the club, many boring times, and had many laughs playing many different games. Also facing us were forum merges that never completed, joining of new forums, the creation of our own forum and the hype that was with it. When did you change to ATA? ATA (Across The Atlantic) was created just in time for the arrival for the brand new and wonderful game Grid Autosport (CodeMasters). We decided to get rid of the TLUK tag and name as we wanted something refreshing and flexible for different games we play. We wanted to create a name that meant something to all of us. And as the majority (i think all of us are pretty much) of us regular members are from either Britain or the US, this was a good name for us. This name will stick for future games as it will now become our identity. So what are you guys up to/ like now? We have grown up a little now from the TDU2 days, and become a little more critical in the way we play games and what games we play. We play a variety of games from loot'n'shoots to racing games. Grid Autosport (as of July 2013) has become the stage act, as it is a wonderful game to just race, drive and gain your car fix. And yes, we do love our cars at this club. We still play GTAV every now and then, usually when updates are out. Games we play/ Have played Key -
Games we play often (Majority)
Games we play sometimes/ some people may play often (Such as defiance, sonic and mclaren only play that)
Games we don't/Rarely play (But are important to us)
Betas/ Expired Betas
Grid Autosport
Borderlands 2
Destiny Beta
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Burnout Paradise
Red Dead Redemption + Undead Nightmare
Gran Turismo Series

We also love our voice chats and text chats! :P
What members do you have in your club/crew? We don't really have a "heirarchy" as we are all friends here, but 3 of us are "leaders" as such, we do the work for the club.

So who are they then?


And the other members?

In no particular order


I bet i missed someone, right? :|

Notable Mentions:

Blasto-Matic - BCR's President and The creator of our wonderful forum. Thank you!
RumblngV8 - A great friend of the Club
[Are you recruiting? Not really. We kind of have the people that are close to us already. But you know, if you feel like you want to become part of a community that loves cars, games and to have a laugh then your looking at the right place and we could accept you. Where can I find you? You can find ATA at various places, but mainly our forum. We hope to change our domain in the future but for now, we are still:

http://www.tlukforum.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
You can sign up, but Mclaren6 is the admin and he will have to decide on whether to accept you or not. It's a closed(ish) forum so just respect us if you do somehow end up joining ;)

You can also find us at:

Rockstar Social Club: -Removed link for now-

Racenet (Codemasters.com, Grid Autosport): -Removed link for now-

Bungie (clans): -Removed link for now-

The last one is for the up and coming Destiny, a game we will be playing from release and we are very excited for it!
Thanks for reading! Especially if you read it all!
Why the .... am I below mc? And you for that matter... Also why am I posting on this forum?
 ! Message from: Bezrider
No swearing Eugene, you know the rules
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By eaustinn36
Rank: Pit Crew
I suggested it as the German Auto Club (GAC) has not been exclusive to TDU2 now for well over year. We are now officially on Forza Horizon, Motorsport, TDU2, and GTAV.

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