By snake250
Rank: Mechanic
dpuff wrote:He hasn't played the game yet, and the "email came late" is a bull*it claim. Don't judge the game by its cover.
really, stop being a lame troll.. I did play the game, i just felt it wasn't up to what i was expecting..

Dpuff it's my option of the game not yours don't just judge me because of it..
By steve30x
Rank: Rookie
snake250 wrote:i've lost intrested in the crew, i've watched a few videos on youtube and it looks really boring... i may not buy it :/
I wouldn't say the crew is boring but its not the best game either. I did have fun with the game though but the handling was a bit off. Maybe I should have tried it with my wheel though.
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
For me The Crew is one of the most fun and complete driving games ever created.
So i do not recognize those statements.

People who have not driven at least 4 hours straight in The Crew, explored the map a little or tried all missions and challenges at least once, should not give an unfunded opinion IMO. :twocents-02cents:

By eyalf83
Rank: Learner Driver
Thomas K wrote:I've really liked just cruising around USA in my 370z, haven't really raced more than one race yet. I am probably going to buy this only for cruising anyway, it's just so much fun especially with some company.

Anyone else bothered by the 1st person view head movements? I feel like it's worse than TDU2. Also the AI drivers are such annoying stalkers, one of them was constantly ramming me while driving to Los Angeles. Well, then I thought I could get rid of him by driving to the woods - he followed me there. :lol:

Why there is AI?
its not like TDU2? I mean, all drivers around you should be real people no?
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Rank: Pit Crew
This is an upscaled tdu2 ... so the whole USA is in it the roads would be pretty empty without AI
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By Jeragger
Rank: Rookie
I hate, hate, hate, HATE the traffic AI. They run red lights, they swerve suddenly into the other lane (and often hit the ai car in that lane creating an upside down V, which is unfortunate if you're driving between them.) They don't use turn signals. They'll make right turns from the left lane and left turns from the right lane. It's like all the AI cars are not aware of anything. I had to redo that aston martin delivery mission a few times with a vein popping each time due to crazy traffic ai, each time asking "WHY would you do that? Do you have a death wish?!!! Where'd you get your driver's license, a cracker jack box?!!!"


Otherwise, love the game ! Definitely has a bit of that TDU feel. I laughed at the kit cars and the pings on the minimap. Just like the wreck hunting in TDU2.
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By Prepsi
Rank: Pit Crew
Me, a friend from NFST, and a old friend from TDU2 started today. My hometown of San Francisco is amazingly well recreated [besides there being no airport :angry-screaming: ], and the rest of the US is breathtaking as well. I really wasn't getting a TDU like vibe suprisingly, to me it felt more like NFS The Run with freeroam and better physics [though thats not saying much :lol: ]. Either way, I look forward to exploring more of the US and completing some of the career as well, and I cannot wait for the full game to release :mrgreen:
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
It seems like the Traffic is better in the developed parts, like the Midwest and East Coast regions. But also strongly depend on connections. I have seen a lot of warping and flying players already. But most of them drive on the road.

Sometimes just part of the traffic acts weird. Like a bus. Traffic does get in the way, but also interacts with you. It is different than in TDU, but still "recognizable"

Gameplay in The Crew is more Arcade than in TDU. But the driving is much better. Physics are good.

But controls can be better optimized. There seems to be some kind of layer or filter on them that should not be there. I prefer controls to be as direct as possible. Fiddling around with some settings does pay off. But it should be better straight from the box.
By snake250
Rank: Mechanic
1. brakes are too touchy.
2. if you let the clutch out it won't stall .
3. some cars feel a bit slow for what they are .
4. brakes are on while idling .
5. under 20kmph the brakes come on without my self touching it.
6. traffic if f--king annoying as shit
7. very little things in a race could f..k it for others
8. Ai players that have the same car as i seem to fly past me even if i have nos on and have the pedal down...

Thats all....
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