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By MadManCK
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There will be both free DLC, like new races, challenges and additional features and paid DLC, like more cars and other features.
But this has to be "officially" confirmed by UbiSoft, off course ;)

The cool part is that the whole development team will continue to work on The Crew at least one year after release.
Not only will support be superb, also new content and more polishing will be done by the whole team.
This only shows how dedicated they are to make The Crew a success.

The Crew will grow better and bigger after release. :woot:

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By Beardroid91
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Cool 8-)

That is just about as i thought it would be, but i didn't know they would be that dedicated to the game, for that long ;)
By steve30x
Rank: Rookie
I enjoyed the beta for the short time I got to play. I was skeptical before I played it because I dont like playing online and thought that all races had to be played online with no solo races. I do hope there will be free DLC though because I am too cheap to pay for dlc.
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By Pca9
Rank: Rookie
I think they are providing free dlc's 1 year after realese, I will maybe buy gold edition, hoping they will have many cool cars in the dlc's etc.. having big hope for this game
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By Whoamus
Rank: Pit Crew
Looking at the price for the game $60 and an additional $25 for the gold edition with the season pass and crew cash. As long as the crew cash is not needed except for buying parts to speed up your tuning, I would not need. I have questions about the season pass of which there is little information.

The game will come with a good amount of cars as is. I have only played TDU2 for a race/driving game and bought a few DLC cars, ones I wanted. Seeing as some games have day 1 DLC, it would not surprise me here if there will be a couple of cars available on day one as DLC. There is a lot of work in building the world in general and certainly will be worth the price of admission. For me, I am not sure if the season pass will be of benefit. So just curious on this, is there some average sort of price in general for DLC cars?
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If they are smart they use a model for the car packs as in Forza Horizon 1 or 2 cars free per pack and the rest paid.
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By Fulysic
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I will pay $100 for a dynamic weather DLC :2thumbsup:

I have the Gold edition so i will wait and see what the season pass gets me, no doubt i go crazy on Crew credits APB all over again, but like ETS2 i will buy every DLC they release just to support them even if i don't like the DLC i will still buy

I do hope they release the DLC for the crew quicker than they have for watchdogs
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By Whoamus
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I looked around and the pack idea seems good. A few rides for $5 isn't bad based on what I saw for a few Forza packs. I am not as much of a car guy as many of you. I like cars and all but not overly fanatical. This is why I am not sure if the $25 is worth it for me or not for all the additional cars vs cars I may like to drive. Would like more info on what is planned for DLC and have some time before I need to make any decision.

I bought the Going East expansion for ETS2 and was thinking, wouldn't it be great if sometime in the future this game has expansions too. I would certainly pay for expansions for lets say Going North or Going South and expanding to Canada and Mexico. Wonder if any of the devs have had thoughts like this.
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By Szabi
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In my country (Hungary) if we preorder the game, we get the US Map Pack DLC and the Multipack DLC.... o.0
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Nice, US Map pack DLC... wonder what is in there :think:

It is still a bit weird that they hav not mentioned anything about the content yet, but still charge 25€ for a season pass.

I will grab that anyway, because i think the DLC will be just as awesome as the rest of the game.

PS Most pre-order bonus can also be unlocked by playing the game. Some may be time exclusives. The Mini is an exclusive. Too bad we can not choose Bez paintjob with a special TDUDT version. I like that roadsign design much more than the winning one.

Right now i'm looking for an offer with the Shelby500 in it. :party:
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