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By MadManCK
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I have not done much bikes myself. Others have, like Paragleiber; German dude who plays with a controller.
You immediately see what is wrong with the Bikes implementation here. Way too much grip in corners and also it is still possible to do rail riding.
Guys like this simply find the fastest way to do a track, no matter how. It truely shows weaknesses in The Crew Bike physics.
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By blehz
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It is true that they have implemented a lot of features we have requested.
But on the other end, they still don't understand that their "Never drive alone" is way off. It is drive alone because it doesn't give you anything apart from 4 player crews to do together, really.
What are 4 players? It is such a big playground, and as far as I know they called it an MMO themselves? But the basic things that make an MMO are missing. Something simple as a club with things to do is a big thing to get people together.
Now it is just a friends list, that's it. limited 4 player crews with just free drive or pvp to do. No extra added goals or anything.
It makes me sad to see this playground go to waste like this.
But enough about it. I will probably buy Wild Run when I find it a little bit cheaper.
And I expect (or is it just hoping?) that they will announce extra features before launch.
Even another beta can be expected as they explicitly stated this was for testing The Summit and some other things.
Still hoping the info in that Gamespot thread is kinda true. :D

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