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That Controller companion seems more for other controllers. The Link and controller work very well with a slight bit of lag as noted before when playing my golf game but really does not impact driving. Using the Link and controller for competitive games would probably not be the best scenario but works well enough for regular play. Will be a little while getting used to the whole process, Was in options playing The Crew and changed language by accident. Took a bit to get it back to English.

I have my wireless KB and mouse plus the Steam controller connected to the link but I think if I could get a signal to those when plugged in directly to the PC, there wouldn't be lag. I do have it hard wired to my network vs using wi-fi, I connected using power line ethernet adaptors and connected the TV and the link to my router. Plus if you exit big picture mode in Steam you have full access to the desktop and the controller works well as mouse with access to on screen KB. Really like the set up. :D
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