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By MadManCK
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I run with pretty much everything on ultra or high already. HBAO was changed to SSAO by the Gforce Experience presets. But enabling HBAO again made the image more smooth and better looking. So i keep those settings.
There is indeed a strange graphical thing, as higher settings seem to cause less stutter in certain sceneries.
Must be a French game :mrgreen:

But the stutters itself are more server sync related than due to your hardware or driver settings.
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TDU2 was my favorite racing game, there was a magic about TDU, that I'm sure you guys can relate to... I wanted to live on those video game islands :loll: And googling "TDU forums" with my 9 wandering eyes is how I found these forums.

I pretty much got all of my issues ironed out, except opening a port on the router. (I'll work that out when I get time). Thanks all who helped :2thumbsup: I have a sick old dad :character-oldtimer: , so I'm on limited gaming time. :angry-tappingfoot:

If you guys need a hand or anything, let me know... I'll chime in with my 'Pandora's Box' from time to time. :auto-swerve:
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By Beardroid91
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It took months to leave TDU2 towards the sad end of the game. It was a very addictive game with a group of developers who couldn't see the potential they had in their hands. :(

But at least The Crew seems to slow but surely get better step by step.
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Well, I did a small GPU overclock... I raised the Memory Clock a bit (+150) and the Core Clock (+74), and that seems to have fixed about 95% of my stutter problem. Very nice :P Didn't mess with Voltages, and my GPU temperatures after a half hour were between 60-65 degrees. I hope this won't wear out my laptop faster?? :shock:
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By MadManCK
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A mild OC on a laptop can be done. But you have very little overhead, as cooling performance is fixed.

One way is to place your laptop on a fan equipped support. So it forces cool air under your laptop. But these can be noisy.
The slightly raised setup does work better IMO and probably games better as well. And especially during summertime the extra cooling can come in handy. Try to find one with fan speed control.
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Thanks Mad, I'll definitely keep that in mind if I ever go for a more serious overclock. My laptop is the Asus Rog G751JY which (supposedly) has excellent cooling due to a very big chassis, and big fans. Cooling was the main factor I looked into when shopping for this PC... I've noticed it hardly gets warm even while gaming with it on your lap. Been driving like a madman :loll: in GTAV for an hour now, and it's at 60c. :rightthumbup:
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