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By MadManCK
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Post Your Free Drive Challenge

Did you make a cool FD Challenge and want to share it? Post it here :woot:

Video appreciated. :party:
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By MadManCK
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Code is in the description i think ;)

EDIT: It was :D

EDIT2 that might be one symbol too much :shock:
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By MadManCK
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This one is called "My Way Or The Highway" :lol:

It can be done within an Hour in C spec and mainly goes over Highway roads. Don't let the blue line fool you when it points to red off-road sections, just stay on the main roads.

250KM of Easy Riding 8-)
The Crew2016-9-2-9-52-11.jpg
The Crew2016-9-2-9-51-43.jpg
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By MadManCK
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Moominpappa wrote:I will test this during next boring online meeting :D
Don't forget to leave the first two exits when driving towards the snowy mountains. The next exit will take you to the tunnel and the highway. Really need more checkpoints :D
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By Lunytrickz
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for 1 of all the awards ya got to complete
the 1 milj overtakes award
i made a special FD on the most crowded road in the game ^^
code G1VJQXC
I only recorded the second half, but the first half is almost identical ^^

btw: 1% : 10 000 overtakes so ya need to doe this 3 or 4 times just to get 1%
i started with this pretty much after i finished the "carreer" and i'm still only at 73% now
best way to do this is with C-spec bike
but there are also, some awards where ya need 5000 overtakes with specific klasses
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By MadManCK
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Some nice FD Cruises.
Most of these are best driven with Street, Perf or Circuit Spec cars or bikes.

The first is a coastal drive, starting in Seattle

The Crew2017-5-7-11-41-41.jpg
The second is a scenic route along lake Tahoe and Yellowstone park, ending with the descent to Vegas.
TVR Perf works best here ;)

The Crew2017-5-7-11-41-34.jpg
The third is called "Back to Vegas" and takes you on the roads around Las Vegas

The Crew2017-5-7-11-41-26.jpg
*For all these routes; if the blue line turns red, just ignore and follow the tarmac. No dirt roads here.
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