It's time to let crime pay once again
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By \/8
Rank: Apprentice
Old gen release was for beta testing purposes. ;)
Don't worry it's just a joke, no intentions to start a pc vs consoles war.
MadManCK wrote:It is a bit violent
Yup, because that's GTA, that's how it supposed to be. ;)
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Having already played a bit of this game on my Xbox 360 (before I sold it) I'm definitely getting it for PC. :D
The only thing I'm a bit disappointed about is the fact I've now read a lot of stuff about the game and storyline, so not many surprises left in the game for me to discover. :(
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By eaustinn36
Rank: Pit Crew
Might get it for xbox one... if I get a next gen system that is (would be the x1 due to friends who have it, if I had to choose). Also glad it is coming out for PC, as hopefully all the scum hackers and cheaters will migrate over there, leaving me in peace...
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By Boxxout3
Rank: Hot wheels
Yes the hacks and mods ruin the whole point of GTAO! I had a period of not playing due to a recent outbreak of modded UFO's, the same menu taking $ and RP off you.

It seems normal now (no reports of it).

Back on topic, i'm considering getting the PS4 version myself if the improvements are worth my money and its not too expensive etc.
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By eaustinn36
Rank: Pit Crew
Boxxout3 wrote:It seems normal now (no reports of it).
I started playing again (for the first time in a month) today actually, in public sessions, and haven't noticed anything abnormal. I was going to wait for an "all-clear" from R*, but I realize now that they are trying to cover it up like it never even happened.

After day one, I can say that I am 90% sure GTAO is safe at least 80% of the time.
By steve30x
Rank: Rookie
I have GTA V on my PS3 but I will be buying it on PC as soon as it comes out.
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By Pca9
Rank: Rookie
Looks amazing, can't wait to mod this game:P
By steve30x
Rank: Rookie
Pca9 wrote:Looks amazing, can't wait to mod this game:P
I hope somebody mods the flying physics because the flying physics suck in GTA V
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By grimx133
Rank: Apprentice
Never been able to get into the series, though I bought the series from steam a year of two ago. Closest I came was in '99 or so, when I bought GTA II and actually played a few hours of it. :-(
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