It's time to let crime pay once again
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By davejc64
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I had GTA V bought for me as a gift on Steam but when I went to play, it was linked to a old RSC account that I no longer used and as a Steam account can only have one RSC account linked to it, meant I could not play it with the same one I use on my sons XBox one which means I can't transfer my GTA online character to PC GTA online, so I contacted Rockstar support they asked me to provide certain information so they could sort it out which I did it's now been three days, I mean how long should it take to unlink my Steam account from my old RSC account a matter of minutes I would imagine once they have the relevant info which they do! :roll:
Rockstar has also sold 10M copies or so.... :eeek:
Maybe they got more mails to their CS. ;)
But they responded to my original request quite quickly asking for me to provide them with more info which I did so now they have the info they should be able to solve the issue unless they require more info, but either way they could respond and give me some sort of timescale for how long the problem will take to sort!
davejc64 wrote:Still no reply from Rockstar!
Time to send the boys round. :twisted:

On a serious note like most big game developers they are keen to take the little guys money but when you need help your on your own. :(
I guess all you can do is keep emailing them and hope someone responds.
Good to hear. Game must be very addictive :lol:
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