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By blehz
Rank: Mechanic
The Windows username thingy is indeed a big failure on Rockstar's side.
What did they think? That people's names can only exist of A-Z and 0-9. Strange that 0-9 is in there! :D
Personally I only had a problem with the launcher crashing, but I removed the file in AppData with the Chinese characters and from then on it worked flawlessly.
I consider the alt-tab crashing a pain in the ass but there are more games having this problem so. :)

Now I only need better hardware to play this on very high settings. :2thumbsup:
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By GeforcerFX
Rank: Rookie
Well game has been a blast, around 40 hours in so far. I haven't had a issue yet, other then trying to add my game to launch through steam with overlay. I was just amazed I could even play it, since I am on my laptop and Surface Pro 2 only so I am stuck with my intel graphics. But rockstar did some great optimizing and i can play at good frame rates on my laptop. :rightthumbup:

Only downside was i had to download it twice, got to 52gb of the 54gb and amazon's downloader had a fatal error and I had to start again.

[BBvideo 640,360][/BBvideo]
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By blehz
Rank: Mechanic
I'm having fun too, although I haven't had much time this week.
If someone wants to have some online fun, feel free to add me: on Social Club or blehz. on Steam.
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By Beardroid91
Rank: Petrol Head
I'm really enjoying GTA V, time just disappears when playing it, it's 4,30 in the morning and only because the game crashed did i realize it was so late :shock:

I guess there is something satisfying about being a complete maniac, don't know if that's a good thing :mrgreen:
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
I haven't really had much time to play this yet with all of the forum stuff but what little I have played I have enjoyed. :D
The game just seems to pull you in and keep you interested. :hooked:
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Apparently there have been more than 50 million copies sold of GTA V. That is just insane. Congratz to Rockstar.
Just buy a bigger Yacht than that Failbook dude, just to piss him off. :loll:
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Great curves, on the car :loll:

I grabbed this in the Steam sale as well :party:
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