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By medcave
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I posted this on Steam in response to someone whose DFGT had the shakes, and figured it might be helpful to others. At the least I can refer back to it as my own settings evolve.

Note: These settings are likely only useful for the DFGT. Even the G27 seems to like completely different settings if memory serves what MMCK used to run with his G27 compared to my DFGT.

Make a profile just for Grid 2.exe in the Logitech Profiler. Check all settings on except Combined Pedals, and set all levels to 67%. I prefer very quick ratio steering so have the degrees set to 200. Most prefer ~360 degrees.

Then launch through the Profiler and use the Start button A on your wheel when the game asks for it. Bind your buttons, then adjust your in-game wheel settings. Here's my current settings...

Steering Deadzone: 0%
Steering Saturation: 100%
Steering Linearity 2
Throttle Deadzone: 5%
Throttle Saturation: 90%
Brake Deadzone: 5%
Brake Saturation: 100%

Vibration and Feedback: On
Vibration Strength: 50%
Wheel Strength: 40%
Wheel Weight: 60%

Update: As the cars get more powerful it becomes easier to spin out if you apply too much throttle too soon coming out of corners, so I've upped the throttle deadzone and backed off the saturation.

Also backed off the wheel strength as the tracks got faster since it was working me too hard. ;)
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By MadManCK
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Setting for the Fanatec CSW :auto-swerve:

I used the native settings for the Club Sport Wheel so far. It is recognized by the game and the default feel is great.

I changed the sensitivity to 540 degrees. Maybe add some more later.

Wheel Settings:

SEN 540
FFB 100
SHO 100
ABS 085
FOR 080
SPR 100
DPR 100

In Drift events:

DRI 001
This allows a bit faster turning of the wheel.

In game settings: Default Fanatec Club Sport Wheel

EDIT: I changed overall strength to 100 again and use 080 on Force now. This gives a much better driving experience, without losing control. It actually feels like driving a car. One of the best FFB systems in a driving game so far.

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By MadManCK
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For those of you with a Logitech G27 or Fanatec wheel, there is an excellent program that activates the shifting leds and does a lot more.
It is free for Fanatec and Logitec users

:link:" onclick=";return false;

Support for many games, including Codemasters.


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