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By MadManCK
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The DriveTime Thread of the GRID2 Team Steam Group" onclick=";return false;

We try to organize race events on a regular base.
Both for fun and achievements.
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By MadManCK
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Bear304 wrote:Hmm i've had the idea after yesterdays endurance race, that we could get the GRID2 team together and make a field of friends instead of the crazy AI replacement drivers..!

Maybe we could set a date for some group racing, which btw. is a alot more fun than the AI drivers :lol:

What are you feelings towards this :?:
That was my original idea for these events and the GRID2 Team Steam Group. In fact one of the reasons i created the GRID2 Team. To race and have some fun with friends.
We need to pick a time when everybody is online. Maybe in the afternoon (CEST).

8PM CEST is probably a good time to start.

The Ai filler was just an experiment that is a bit pointless on live routes. On a regular track you will have to deal with them more than once :laughing-rolling:

Another option it to create an open session. But you will never know who enters the lobby than.
Most fun is with a large group

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By Beardroid91
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You can count me in for this event 8-)

I'm good with afternoon / evenings EU time
By Prepsi
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