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By Bezrider
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Codemasters is developing an "exciting new IP for digital and console platforms", according to various job descriptions for its Digital Studio, that appears to be targeted for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Multiple job ads for the developer were posted online last month, each specifically mentioning "experience on new console platforms and PC" as desirable skills.

The project also appears to be linked to a new racing franchise after community manager Ben Walke stated last week that Codemasters is "firmly focused on our racing titles at the moment", and that it has "no current plans for an FPS".

There's a further job ad, too, this time seeking an employee to work on an "exciting new IP for mobile and tablet platforms", although it isn't clear whether this is related to a different project or a mobile port. Both games, however, appear to be in development using Unity3D.

Rumours of a new IP at the developer first emerged almost two years ago when a former developer revealed that she had been working on a "new IP at Codemasters that will span at least 6 platforms including true 'next-gen' hardware", and would be the first game powered by "Codemasters new engine EGO 2".

Is this that game? Probably not. The job descriptions state that the successful candidate would "join at the very start of the project alongside an extremely dedicated and talented core team".

So what does Codemasters have up its sleeve? Given its recent teases, expect to hear more on its future plans later this week.
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By MadManCK
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I heard they wanted to revive the TOCA series.
Maybe this is it ;)

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By Bezrider
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MadManCK wrote:I heard they wanted to revive the TOCA series.
Maybe this is it ;)

I think we will know more by the end of the week, either way it will be a wile before we see anything.
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By grooks10
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I sure hope it's a new ToCA game! I've been waiting for one for years! :pray:
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By Purple44
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Codemasters has a tough road ahead of them to win back GRID 1 fans after what happen online with GRID 2. :evil:

If Codemasters is working on a new touring car racing, that might win back their fan base if Codies has learn their lesson and get the online part right this time and listen to their fan base.

Fans want bumper to bumper racing with the the touring cars, was not there in GRID 2. :(

I was half expecting to hear Codemasters was going to close the studio that work on GRID 2, since it did not sale near as well as GRID 1. And Dirt Showdown failed. If DIRT 4 does not sale well, will Codemasters be around to do a new touring car racing game?
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By Miao
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grooks10 wrote:Really? Another GRID? I was hoping for more...
Me too. Image
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By MadManCK
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More news later today. They do tweet from their Grid account. But that can be a decoy, lol.

GRID3, DIRT4 or a new ToCA, we will know soon® enough.

Only thing they have confirmed so far, is that the new game will not involve Android or iOs. Bummer. :lol:


PS There is a Touring Car dude working with Codies on a new title... Would be a waste not to use those Touring Car skills, would it? ... 4191960064" onclick=";return false;
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