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By MadManCK
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They will probably do that as well, lol. (releasing a Grid3 later)

And another reason why they don't release a game for next gen consoles now, besides that there have not been too many sold, is that their in-house technology is not ready for the next gen yet. Working on that, while waiting in the mean time for a larger market makes sense.

They could have sold this ToCa Grid revival as a DLC for GRID2.
But there seems to be more changed to the driving engine and it also has a slightly different attitude, focusing more on races.

They will probably sell more copies this way. And i hope they don't take the slippery slope of EA. Releasing new F1 games every year, instead of new seasons as DLC is already questionable. But that license must be very expensive.

Will this bring something new to the racing? Probably not. Will they be able to capture the fun of racing, without being too pretentious about a "sim"? Probably yes.

The wheel support and FFB in Grid2 were very good. And the graphics are not too bad either.
And maybe a fully optimized game for last gen consoles is better than a badly optimized version for the new ones. Hmm, did i just type that?
In any case it is a treat for the Xbox360 and PS3 owners. let's leave it with that, lol.

Having no rear view mirrors remains the worst decision ever. Other console games have that too. No excuses.

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