Beyond racing
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By MadManCK
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This game looks really stunning. Hope they got finally rid of the little bit "floaty" front end that all codies games have ;)
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By Fulysic
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Every year I go through this with Codemaster I buy the game and its not what i wanted or expected and not in a good way, the way they advertise this game makes it look better than it actually is.

Again it feels like a poor console port over which sucks I was hoping for a more stable release I knew there would be some issue's it Codemaster so its to be expected but this is really bad.

This game really needed another couple of month's of work before they released it.

New engine has improved it
The graphics and optimisation are great I have a GTX 760 OC. I'm getting 60+ FPS with the settings on ultra.
Bit easier to navigate around menus
Sounds are good

Barely hear crew chief talking with it set to max
No FOV changer
No safety car - Get with times codemaster stop been lazy add saftey car
This game crashes to much and locks up
lot's of small random bugs like vanishing wheels
Crazy Ai like a bunch of ramming kids but you get the penalty
G27 still hard to setup but better than 2014
Controller works ok still feels odd understeering
Feels unfinished

Im very close to refunding this game but I will wait for a few patch's and update this in the future.
Rating out of 10: 4/10
Review date: 10/07/15
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By MadManCK
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Fulysic wrote:Im very close to refunding this game but I will wait for a few patch's and update this in the future.
So, you're Beta testing again... :mrgreen:

I have not grabbed it yet. But i will for sure. Game looks awesome. Too bad about the rushed release. This becomes a bad habit lately; Releasing pre-alphas, early betas or unfinished games as "finished" products.

But their tactics to release the 2015 game during the season has its upsided as well. They will continue to update liveries, performance and tracks during the season. And it will feel more connected, as you can try the same cars and tracks from the running season.

If the Ai smacks you off the road, it might be a familiar issue with other Ai from codies. On a request to improve the Grid AS Ai, they responded that they "were proud of their Ai". The same Ai that makes some online rammers choir boys, compared to that. So i seriously hope they did not use that same Artificial "Intelligence", or a derivative :roll:

The early release might be pure marketing. In my opinion, you should always release a season game right before the season starts. So from that perspective they are 6 months late. People want to play the current season. It is that simple.

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By Fulysic
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Main thing that is annoying me is no mic recognition so I can't talk to my engineer apparently that's a console feature which will be released for PC later :loll:

It's got the making's of a fun game just a poor release few patches and it will be ok I hope just this bad porting of game's really gets on my wrong nerve
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By MadManCK
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Wow, this is just another simple ported game. Has a high toy factor. :(
I could not even simply drive and go. Setup is only accessible during a session.
There was no setup menu in the first screen. Had to do the graphics setup through GForce Experience. Looked good afterwards.

All controls look like a ported game. It is in fact just a simple port from the XB1 version.

No feel in the wheel; FFB is not working out of the box. The wheel input is not direct enough for an F1 game.
No good working presets for my Fanatec wheel. It was recognized but could only turn left.
Even after creating a custom setup it feels like playing with a controller and not a wheel.
It feels unconnected and vague.

Obviously optimized for controller use.

I wanted to do a few laps on the Hungaro ring for the upcoming F1 weekend in Hungary, but could not even drive normally.
Used the "Elite" setting with all driving aids off. But even than it feels unconnected and unresponsive.

For the more serious players this game is not a good choice. I can not recommend it.
Too bad as i was looking forward to this game. Maybe the F1 license should go to SMS or another more serious Development Studio.

Nice game for the wannabe F1 driver kiddos, but nothing serious. Even with the 50% discount a waste of money for me.

6/10 score. Disappointing.

PS This game is in Beta state. And than i give it more credit than it deserves. Unfinished, unpolished and therefore undesirable.
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By Bezrider
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Sounds like one to avoided, thanks for the heads up guys. ;)

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