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By Samster_Us
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This is just a basic thread for anyone that's interested in formula one games or even F1 as a Motorsport in general. Personally I'm very excited about the new 2012 game after playing the demo. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is better than ever. Only a week to go until the full game comes out :D
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
It looks fantastic, and it just happens to come out on my birthday(I might have to treat myself) :D
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By Ginger-Grinch
Rank: Apprentice
Oooooh i want this game badly but I need a proper wheel stand instead of a ironing board :D
By RamteamJax
Rank: Mechanic
Heh .. I still play this game on my SNES. LOVE IT :D


Note, I got my Super Nintedo for my 10th birthday .. in 1992 :) and still have it :D
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By Ginger-Grinch
Rank: Apprentice
I've just played the demo and...well I need more practice with the wheel and a wheel stand would help.
Ironing board is sort of well... :lol:
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