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By MadManCK
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According to some reviews, the gameplay is awesome, but it has nothing to do with realism. No sim, which makes no sense for an F1 game.

Maybe time to let another, less arcade oriented, development team work on an F1 game. Since Geoff Crammond's GP2/3 there has not been much. rFactor had some great mods. Especially from Team CTDP. One of our DT-Racing members is also member of that mod team. ;)
Most realistic Formula driving is in pCars IMO. But they do not have an F1 license....
Another option is Assetto Corsa, but i lost interest in them after they did not take my feedback seriously. Still have it on my disc somewhere.

I guess i will sit this one out or grab it from a bin in 6 months time. :lol:

Too bad really, if you have an official F1 license you should bring your A-game. :roll:

EDIT some of the players i know do actually like it. So either some reviewers were very biased or expecting too much from it, or they are lousy reviewers. Maybe i will give it a shot after all.
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