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By MadManCK
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Have not experienced gear drops yet. With every repair, keep it above 90% if possible. I have driven with manual and clutch and sequential. Only in the Lancia Fulvia so far.

Pace notes can kill you :eeek:
They need to work on those. Also the double arrows make no sense in a single corner. :eeek:
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By MadManCK
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Huge update today. :D

Tarmac Terrors Update - Now Live
29 juni - justbiglee
Month three of DiRT Rally and our next big update is now live. Version v.0.5 - more commonly known as the Tarmac Terrors update - has now been added to DiRT Rally; it’s fast paced, technical and is going to require all your focus. Here’s the full run down of what you can expect in this month’s update.


12 new rally stages based at Baumholder in Germany
Owners Club Online Events – A second DiRT Daily where you compete in your own car
A second weekly event where we’ll be experimenting and throwing new challenges at you
5 new rally cars featuring new Group B RWD & Kit Car Classes
Opel Kadett GT/E 16v
Opel Manta 400
Lancia 037 Evo 2
Seat Ibiza Kitcar
Peugeot 306 Maxi
New calibration and options screens in “Advanced Wheel Settings” (added in v.0.4.5)

YouTube™-video: DiRT Rally - The Road So Far...
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Month three of DiRT Rally and our next big update is now live. Version v.0.5 - more commonly known as the Tarmac Terrors update - has now been added to DiRT Rally; it’s fast paced, technical and is...

If you’re new to DiRT Rally, hello! Welcome to the team. If you’ve been here for a while we want to thank you again for your continued support.

We’ve got a really exciting summer of content and updates planned so to be sure you’re in the loop on the latest DiRTy gossip make sure you are following us on Twitter, Facebook or even our subreddit.


Alongside all of our new features we’ve been hard at work tracking cleaning those annoying bugs of the front of the bumper, here’s the full list of what we’ve fixed in this latest version:

Error 41 – Fixed instances of the game not booting when there is less than 2GB of free space on C:\ drive. This was one of the causes of the dreaded error 41.
Achievement – “Going up in the world” will now pop if you had previously purchased a Hillclimb car but not received the achievement.
Stability – Driving the Peugeot 405 T16 would sometimes cause stability issues, we’ve fixed those now.
Graphics – Quite a few changes for users running Nvidia SLI. That weird black and orange screen bug is fixed and we’ve solved the graphical corruption when using SLI and anti-aliasing on high/ultra graphical presets.
Audio – The engine audio level in cockpit view can now be properly controlled by the slider.
Gameplay – The reset button should appear sooner during those awkward moments when you beach your car at the side of the road. Though we advise not beaching your car.
Gameplay – Sometimes you could rev the engine so hard on the Audi Sport Quattro the “Recover vehicle” prompt would pop up, it won’t do that anymore.
Gameplay – We’ve planted some trees and shrubs in areas of Greece and Wales where we spotted that some of you were taking shortcuts. Taking some cuts in rally is cool but these cuts were definitely not cool.
Gameplay – Fixed a loophole which would let you continually repair your car in Online Hillclimb events.
Gameplay – Online Hillclimb events will now factor in slower times from Run 2 and they won’t overwrite faster times from Run 1.
Message box – Stopped the Promotion message box from incorrectly displaying when you have completed the Masters Championship and finished in the top 3 positions.
Save – Your advanced set ups should now save as expected
Oculus – Sometimes the background on the main menu would vanish, we’ve fixed that now.
Online Events – You’ll now be disqualified if you don’t start moving within a minute
Leagues – Made the text on the league screens easier to read on lower resolutions.
Audio – Pre-update your co-driver may have become a little disinterested if you left the centre of the track from time to time, we’ve spoken to him about his attitude.
Audio – Ever had two sets of music play over a replay? That’s not a remix version and it should stop happening from now on.
Controller Fix – Fixed an issue which meant players couldn’t change the stage conditions when using the Microsoft Sidewinder Wheel.

To get the latest update you don’t need to do anything, simply fire up Steam and the full update should automatically download to your PC.

As with every big update we’ll be live with the DiRT Show which you can watch on We’ll have competition prizes, you can ask the team questions; watch us play through all the new stuff. It’s going to be great so be sure to tune in.

For now enjoy your 12 new stages and some of the most challenging roads to hit DiRT Rally.
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By Fulysic
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Introducing Our New Partners - The FIA World Rallycross Championship
9 July - justbiglee

We’re pleased to announce our new long term partnership with the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy which allows us to bring the action packed World RX to DiRT Rally. Which is now available on PC via Steam Early Access.

The first stage of this partnership will see the RX Supercars, tracks and racing modes implemented into DiRT Rally as part of our commitment to deliver regular content updates during Early Access.

We’re pleased to announce our new long term partnership between Dirt Rally and the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy which allows us to bring the action packed World RX to...

Owners of the game will soon be able to drive a selection of these monstrous cars for themselves across three different game modes and experience the sheer speed, action, dynamism and performance that makes World RX one of the fastest growing motorsports in the world. As with all previous updates, this new content will be available free of charge to existing and included for new owners of the game.

The tracks that have currently been built and included in the game are Holjes (Sweden) and Lydden Hill (Great Britain). The Hell circuit in Norway will be added in the near future.

DiRT Rally’s Chief Game Designer, Paul Coleman, explained: “From the outset we wanted DiRT Rally to be the ultimate off-road racer and to fulfil that vision we knew we had to include World RX. Since the launched in Early Access back in April we have continued to add new, diverse content to the game and World RX will add another dimension that will challenge even the most experienced players.”

At the World RX round in Sweden over the weekend, the Championship’s top drivers were able to test-drive virtual versions of the 600bhp RX Supercars that compete in the World Championship.

“Codemasters have done a brilliant job – the details is very realistic and not far from real life,” explained Team Volkswagen Sweden’s Johan Kristoffersson, who is currently second in the overall World RX drivers’ standings. “As drivers we are always wanting to change the smallest things with our cars, but this version is very good. There are just a couple of tweaks that need to be made and then I think it will be just like driving the real thing. It’s by far the best rallycross game I have played.”

Martin Anayi, World RX Managing Director for IMG, concluded: “It was great to have the Codemasters team with us in Holjes over the weekend, which allowed us to showcase our new joint game venture to over 40,000 fans. Codemasters has worked exceptionally hard to get this project off the ground and it’s been encouraging to hear such positive feedback from our drivers after they had test-driven the game. We are very excited about our new collaboration with Codemasters and look forward to working with the team more closely to help develop the game further.”

To keep up to date will all the news from the World RX follow them on Twitter, Facebook and check out for more info on this unbelievable motorsport.
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By MadManCK
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Time to boot up this nice little Rally Racer again. When i first grabbed it, it was pre-alpha and had only 2 locations and 3 cars. Game has grown since and is already considered one of the most realistic rally drives of recent times.

I have to wait for a new load cell from Fanatec, as i kicked through the current one during the brake upgrade beta tests. It can have 150kg of pressure. :o

Good brakes are crucial in Dirt Rally as blocking will most likely end in a collision or a painful descent from a cliff.

The recent updates have been huge.

I will reduce the amount of active racing games to The Crew, pCars and Dirt Rally.

That alone shows how well Dirt Rally is made. :party:
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By MadManCK
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Nice WR run from Grumpy with the Mini Cooper

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By MadManCK
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bbc100 wrote:Who here still plays this game?
Lol, the full version is just released. Not an easy game like the previous Dirt releases.

I did a run on the Sweden snowy track last week.

Problem i have is that i played a lot of less serious racers, like The Crew. Switching to more sim like racers will punish you for some bad driving habits :D
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By grooks10
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So I just bought Dirt Rally, and holy crap this game is unforgiving. And still being unexperienced with wheels and wheel setups, this game is not easy to jump into. But it's not even that the cars are hard to drive; it's more that the tracks themselves are super challenging! But when I get it right, it definitely feels great! I can't wait to get better!

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