Show Us Your Designs
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By Miao
Rank: Champion
Your paint jobs are just like mine, no unnecessary complicated liveries, just some good restyling. Image

By the way, horrible Veyron! I HATE GOLD! Image
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Use AA for your pics, looks much nicer. :idea:

Even if you can not play the game on high settings, you can still use it for your pictures. :geek:
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
I really like these designs! I've always liked really beautiful, simple designs like these! Keep on painting! :2thumbsup:
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By Venomalix
Rank: Rookie
I thought this thread died.

Yes, I play at 1080p but I don't have an effective way to capture my pictures at high resolution.

Too bad you don't like gold. It was supposed to be an inferno veyron.

Also thanks. I'll see if I can post more.
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