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By dpuff
Rank: Pit Crew
Bezrider wrote:I would still play it again if it wasn't for the hassle of getting my wheel to work with TDU 2, The Crew still feels like it has something missing to keep me wanting to go back maybe this will change with the Wild Run update. :party:
It's the same for me with The Crew, it just doesn't pull me in like tdu2 did, I'm too hoping Wild Run will change that. I'll give The Crew a last chance with the Wild Run.
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
dpuff wrote:We had a good run... :)
We certainly did. I hope that there will be another game in the future where you and I and other painters like us can really stretch our imaginations like we did in TDU2. I don't know if it was like this on the PC version of TDU2, but on Xbox 360, it was almost as if the painters were a whole separate community from the rest of the players. I was friends with so many other painters in that game, and we would always play together! Oh how I miss those days.
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By Venomalix
Rank: Rookie
Hey guys, sorry I've been dead. I've been incredibly busy since school started up recently. They are so nice to give me all this homework! (sarcasm detected)
Anyway, I probably won't do a whole lot in the near future, but you could maybe expect something this weekend?
If you want to see a paintjob, request before Saturday.
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