Show Us Your Designs
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By cheapshades
Rank: Learner Driver
I'll try adding a pic slide show here. ... c395ee.pbw

No luck so far. A slide show from Photobucket won't display as an image here. Maybe as an attachment (but would rather not eat up server space).

I'll try building an animated gif in Photoshop as a slide show, but that will take a bit of work. Maybe by Christmas. :)
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By grooks10
Rank: Pit Crew
Great slideshow! :D Even though it made me miss TDU1 even more. :(
By RamteamJax
Rank: Mechanic
cheapshades wrote:Yea, nothing comes close to the fun had cruising with friends in TDU. Sadly missed. :cry: Cruising around with the AI now feels odd.
I knew it, I knew it. I knew I had seen you somewhere. I now know you from TDU1 :P

Nice pics, be sure to watch my TDU1 pics-video and TDU1 Farewell vid !!

Farewell vid:

TDU1 Best Images vid:

I miss TDU1 :)

:Coming soon: :Coming soon: :Coming soon: :Coming soon: :Coming soon:

[edit]I just noticed that the TDU1 Farewell vid already has 294 hits :S haha lolwut ?[/edit]
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