Open World Racing
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By Driiven
Rank: Rookie
If anyone needs help for any 2-player Co-op Challenges, myself and probably some others would be willing to help.

Also, if someone wouldnt mind herding a few well trained goat into a lobby, we may be able to knock some 4 or 8 player ones out. Im not the best at keeping friends if Im honest, so I've got about 3... None of which play Horizon. :lol:

Send me a message or friend request. (GT: iDriiven)
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By eaustinn36
Rank: Pit Crew
The 8 player ones are impossibly hard to coordinate and i've given up on them ages ago, but, they are the only ones i'm missing. If you want to attempt them (given 6 other people are found), i'll join.
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By Driiven
Rank: Rookie
I've tried them once before. We were nearly there on one of them, but we were let down by the skill of some people.

But I dont believe i'll be trying them with you! :lol:
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