Open World Racing
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By Gatorbait771
Rank: Pit Crew
I've never seen these videos before, and I'm subscribed to that channel!!? What is this sorcery?! The beginnings of the races remind me a lot of the Dirt and Grid series...where they highlight the "One to Watch." It looks like helluva lot of fun and I can't wait! I pre-ordered my copy so I can get it by my birthday the day after the release :)
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By Ginger-Grinch
Rank: Apprentice
What on earth possess people to put music over car sounds... :evil:
They should be imprisoned... Anyway! :back to topic: :lol:

If you can disable all the crap it looks good but not worth getting a Xbox for especially with the 720 looming...
By Grumpy
Rank: Learner Driver
Really great game, unfortunally VERY addictive ;)

Forza physics with a little adjustment to make it less serious and more fun, they really did manage in this point. It is not a sim and it should not be either. This will be epic fun can't wait :D

Made some videos......sorry but it is all in Swedish you can't change the language in the Demo :/

And finally some SP free roam.
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Looks awesome, great videos Grumpy.
I'm off to download it .............................. :woot:
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Thanks for the video Grumpy, i think it's gonna need a paint job now :lol: :good post:
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By davejc64
Rank: Apprentice
I played the demo on my sons Xbox, and I will say the FH demo is already 10x better than TDU2 will ever be, when FH is released there will be no Xbox users playing TDU2 that's a fact, and if there are, those people would have to mentally retarded for sure! :lol:

Just a shame it's Xbox only! :roll:
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