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Well I've heard windows 8 can play xbox games (not many titles for now) ... IF they should decide Forza Horizon also make available to us pc users ... then it would be a very big contender for atari on the pc.
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By davejc64
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Yeah if they made FH for all platforms it would kill TDU2 stone dead and Atari would deserve it without doubt! :lol:
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By Gatorbait771
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davejc64 wrote:Yeah if they made FH for all platforms it would kill TDU2 stone dead and Atari would deserve it without doubt! :lol:
Boy I'd like to rub that in Atari employee's faces...
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By CrueLworLD420
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I played the demo on my brothers x-box this weekend. The physics are much better. No suprises like tdu2, and you can slightly drift around corners. But who knows if the game will be better as a whole. Gotta wait until the full version arrives. I noticed that you cannot stray off the road much. But thats not a big deal to me. It's just something tdu2 does better. Looks like there's a lot less roads to travel on aswell. Can't really judge a game by the demo though. Just gives you a hint. I'll definately not buy a 360 just for this game though. Hopefully this game will spark more contenders to the free roam racing genre.
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By Bezrider
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Yea I've also tried it out and and going by the demo I think it dose have potential, however a full open world game like TDU 2 it is not.
As has been said you can't go anywhere you want in this game like you can in TDU 2.
The road layout seems quite small (although I'm guessing here as most of it was closed in the demo)
And despite all of TDU 2's faults I still think with it's extra multi-player stuff and go anywhere attitude it will have more longevity than Forza Horizon :eek:
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By Gatorbait771
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Only one more week -_-
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By Gatorbait771
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Has anybody else noticed that the driver uses paddle shifters in cars that don't have the 70's VW Beetle ;)

TDU2 has this issue, too...surprised they have something in common!
By Prepsi
davejc64 wrote:I played the demo on my sons Xbox, and I will say the FH demo is already 10x better than TDU2 will ever be, when FH is released there will be no Xbox users playing TDU2 that's a fact, and if there are, those people would have to mentally retarded for sure! :lol:

Just a shame it's Xbox only! :roll:
David, this is the first and last time i agree with you. I have an Xbox tho so no problem there.
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