The next evolution
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By Prepsi
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grooks10 wrote:
xboxgamer969 wrote:This gunna be good, that song thats in the E3 2014 trailer is straight up quality music if you ask me, this and The Crew gonna keep me busy for a while on my xbox one :)
Definitely, me too! And after the Nurburgring DLC for Forza 5, I hope I can get my hands on an Xbox One sooner than later after I get home from college in a week. At first, I wasn't too enthused about this game thinking that it was going to be more of the same compared to the original Horizon, but the trailer makes it look awesome! I might pick this one up when it comes out!
xbox is my friend so we can all play together lol
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By Chủ
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This game makes me want to buy an XBOXONE, what makes me reconsider it is the fact that none of my IRL friends own one, and the fact that Xbox live is not supported in Vietnam.
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By Thomas K
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This game looks brilliant although I'm a bit disappointed that the roads seem to be quite casual, as does the driving. For example, the mountain road in the gameplay trailer was probably as wide as a freeway.

TDU2 had brilliant, narrow roads IMO. I wish some studio will some day understand that and make my dream come true. ;)
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By MadManCK
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Cool part about FH2 is that it will also be on the older XBox360. That will be the game to get for that one.

For the rest it is still limited to XB1 and XBox360. Will it be competition for the Crew? maybe a little. But it takes part in Southern EU with is actually kinda cool for a change, but has also a lot smaller map and different game play. So in the End i would buy both.

It looks awesome and if it drives well, it will be a cool game.

It was funny as the lead devs from Ivory Tower asked me how the community was responding towards FH2 vs The Crew.
They follow it with great interest as well 8-)

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By MadManCK
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[BBvideo 640,360][/BBvideo]

Mad Catz wheel looks sweet :2thumbsup:
By steve30x
Rank: Rookie
Im not sure I would be prepared to buy a console for this. I enjoyed the first game but got bored of it because the map was tiny.
By steve30x
Rank: Rookie
I loved the first game but the map was tiny. I'll wait until the Xbox one is at a reasonable price in two or three years and give this a try.
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