The next evolution
By sw3gameboy
Rank: Apprentice
Just saw that launch trailer... íf it even was a trailer since I see it as really well made eye candy :mrgreen: Altrough it's Xbox-exclusivity do force me to stay away from it :Facepalmmario:
Bezrider wrote: I noticed it has trains, I wonder where they got that idea from. :lol:
Could be Western culture... :lol:
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I tried the demo (xbox one) and I was pleasant surprised it looks good the handling is just right for what it's trying to be. Can't wait it seems It's less a rush job then FM5
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Nice to get a hands on point of view from one of the members, if only I could get a decent Xbox One+PC wheel I would buy it. :D
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By Myself
Rank: Learner Driver
The tuning (although its locked with the car they give you in the Demo) is exactly like FM5...great news for me.......The last Horizon burnt me but Ill be getting this one for sure..especialy if you can paint the cars like in FM5
Also the Physics are pretty good to be an "arcadey" type can tell a huge difference between road and dirt
By DDastardly00
Rank: Apprentice
Picked up my copy yesterday, Played about 2.5 hours, love it so far.

-Love the dynamic weather system
-Love the new physics system, better than the first
- Eye popping graphics look fantastic
- the customization options are on par with previous forza games, more wheel choices is a nice addition

-Voice acting, story are good so far
-Love that there is no A.I. in the game, it uses real person's Drivatars instead, you also get a daily payout for your own drivatar appearing in other people's races, my payout was $26,000.

-Hate that you can't repeat any of the championships or races, a glarring issue that needs to be remedied.
Rank: Rookie
DDastardly00 wrote:-Hate that you can't repeat any of the championships or races, a glarring issue that needs to be remedied.
So they just want us to make money in rivals? That is awful, but maybe this means there may be more races added every so often.

I'll have it for both 360 and ONE so hopefully won't get as bored as I did in the first game.

The demo was great as was the choice of cars. 10GB for a demo is insane.
By DDastardly00
Rank: Apprentice
I am work right now, but I think the back of the game case said the the full game is 45 gigs :shock:

Here is a pic I took of my starting car at the airport:


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