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By Miao
Rank: Champion
So after a lot of procrastination and frustration (stupid license test S-5) I got platinum trophy! Image Image Image Image Image
GT6 Platinum.jpg
GT6 Platinum,.jpg
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
Nice :rightthumbup:

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By Viktor Karpenko
Rank: Pit Crew
Congratulations Tsuki. :mrgreen:

I'm also not so far away from mine, I only have the last event left, and the 12.000Km trophy. :woot:


You can consider that your birthday gift. :loll:
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By Zério
Rank: Pit Crew
Congratulations on your conquest. :2thumbsup:

I am very distant from getting mine, I don't have the patience to gold all the license tests. :angry-banghead:
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By Miao
Rank: Champion
Thank you all for you "congratulations". Image
Aaeroniro wrote:Any hints for license test S-4 and S-5?
At the S-4: try drifting at the 1st, 2nd and 4th corner. Image

At the S-5: The Veyron only turns if you drift (turn off TC, however, the Aventador can drift with TC on).Image
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By Aaeroniro
Rank: Apprentice
Thank you, drifting worked for the Aventador. :) But the Veyron still has crap handling I'm 0.300secs away from golding S-5, I can't get a better time. :(
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By Miao
Rank: Champion
Make a crappy lap with braking early, then beat your ghost over and over. :roll:

Try also increasin' the controller sensitivity up to 7 as I find it helps a bit with cars that have major understeer just helps to turn the car a bit more, and also just learn the tracks ... the only thing that made the S license tests hard for me is they are all on new tracks. :geek:
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