The good old days
By Prepsi
First of all: This is not the 'well i'm better at this one so this is the more realistic one' thread. Second, don't bash the game because a car's time in gt5 was 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds less acurate at the n'ring than in forza 4. Now, with that settled, my opinion. I have forza 4 however from the footage i've watched the cars in gt5 seem to be heavier and break grip more realistically. let the war begin!
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Well I'm also interested. I have a xbox now is my question should I buy a ps 3 (or ps4) for the GT series?
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By Driiven
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If you have either Forza 4 or GT5, then I can assure you that GT5 is nearly identical to Forza 4 on simulation steering.

I prefer Forza 4 for having the option of a proper simulation mode, or a pick up and play mode.
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