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By MadManCK
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Yes, way too much shooters, zombies and other blow your head off stuff.

Not too much fantasy there. On the other hand, the modding community keeps some of the older titles very interesting.

For the real open world stuff we might have to wait untill 2018 when TDU3 will be ready. IT has dropped the ball a little with CAU. Overpriced DLC and not very appealing to many players. Still, cop chases belong in a game like The Crew.

I´m always looking for good open World Games. But TBH, i did not buy anything during Steam Sales.
Mafia III might be fun but there are not really too many AAA games with fatal attraction.

With 4K becoming a new standard, VR and al kinds of high end new hardware to play on, Devs need to do a lot more work on support and quality. Time they usually do not get from publishers.

Most DX12 optimized games are not really DX12 and actually perform less than DX11, with no visual difference.

So it is waiting time for real DX12 games and that will take a while. It will also result in massive downloads and the need for new hardware and more storage.

Maybe 2017 will surprise us all with something cool.

Right now i started off with playing some older titles. :party:
By DDastardly00
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The Xbox sale paled in comparison to Steam sale, I bought nothing because nothing grabbed me. Mafia III was on sale but I still have to finish the second one. My friend bought 25 games on the steam sale because the deals were so good, wish I had a decent PC, I would be playing Empyrion right now. I'm still playing a steady diet of Elite Dangerous (since March 2016) but would love to have another space flight sim with more crafting.

I passed on CAU, I think Wild Run offered more goodness for the same price and right now the Crew is shelved anyway (until I tire of FH3). So far I passed on Blizzard Mountain but I may end up picking that up soon because it looks really good. The Snow physics and ice look pretty incredible.
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By Moominpappa
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MadManCK wrote: Right now i started off with playing some older titles. :party:
I play still sometimes Warlords 4. I really hope that some day that series will continue. That is a very good offline game with good AI (after the latest patches).
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By Bezrider
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Never really got much in the Steam sale either as i can get most of them cheaper on some of the reliable key sites anyway. ;)

Might still get Mafia III as i liked the first two but the game i am looking forward to the most is the next Mass Effect: Andromeda (just hope it plays as good as it looks)

I also came across a soon to be released new type of craft and build game The Universim i like these sort of games as they are great when you just want to sit back and spend a bit of chill out time in the gaming world but also like a challenge.

Will be keeping an eye on this one might even buy the game and join the BETA ;)
By DDastardly00
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I'm sifting through the current 2017 games list and found something I hadn't noticed before, a game called Kingdom Come: Deliverence which is described as a Historically accurate, realistic, medieval, open world game.

It's been awhile since I've played a good RPG (Skyrim), this looks like it could be really good. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

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By MadManCK
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It must be a psychological thing to do the release in the US first. Why not a global release...

Another title to look forward to. I still have the first 2 editions somewhere. But as you can not play with a controller, i skipped them. I dont play with keyboard and mouse. Never really liked it.

And i still have to assemble my Joystick mount for the HOTAS, so i can play proper flight and space sims. :mrgreen:

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