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By Bezrider
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Ok i have decided to design a new Banner for the forum as the one below is getting quite old now. :(
Old Banner
I will probably keep it the same type of layout as this one but with new and updated graphics (unless someone would like to put forward some other ideas. :idea:

What i want from you guys is some suggestions as to what car related games/franchises to include on the banner, please also keep in mind i am working with a limited space so unless i make these tiny i will only be able to fit a limited number on the banner (again unless someone has another idea for the banner)

The old banner has only about 7 different games/franchises on it, i would love to add more to the new one but it starts to look cluttered if i add too many. :(

Obviously, i think we should be adding new and upcoming games but also keep some of the old favorites. :character-oldtimer:

At a push i could make two banners or even more to fit things in and just run them together but not sure how that would look yet :think: but still an idea if it looks like space will be an issue. :idea:

So ok give me any suggestions you have and what you would like added to the banner that relates to the games on TDUDT - Past, present-and-future and i will see what i can come up with. :P
(you don't have to post photos as i can find ones relating to the suggestions but if you think it will help then please do)
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By MadManCK
Rank: Site Admin
I think the new banner looks pretty cool. Lots of references to new games and a fresh design. :party:
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By Bezrider
Rank: Website Owner
Thanks guys :D
It's still a work in progress so might change as i think of new logos to add ( any suggestions welcome. :idea: )

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