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He should know by now he is NOT a "driving God".... :shock:

That dude clearly does not know his limits. But he keeps getting away with it.
Hope he gets well soon® anyway.
Personally i think it was a malfunction in the Rimac Concept car, as an electric car wouldn't just burst into flames. And if you play the crash video in slowmotion it actually looks like the rear wheels locked up as the rear wheels of the car oversteered, and the tire marks on the road only backup my theory, as you would think a Rimac has ABS brakes and wouldn't just lock up completely, you be the judge, but those skit marks wouldn't happen in a car with ABS, so maybe to the regenerativ braking system failed and locked up the tires..? Would seem to be it as the crash a text book lift-off oversteer and when the tires are locked up then you are just a passanger at that point.

You can see the skit mark the Rimac made, no ABS car would make those skit marks, it actually looks like the some brake issue some F1 teams have had where the regenerative braking overpowered the tires and locked them up.

See the screenshot i made, something is up with this car as the wheels are locked up, so this must be a malfunction in the braking system - i would say overheating but it is an electric car with limited range so it have had time to overheat, but something was very wrong for sure.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-11 02.00.20.png

Look closely at the skitmarks near the car, you can see both front wheels and rear wheels are locked up, so Hammond had no chance to save it more than he tried to do.

I really hope he is going to be okay after this scary passanger lap.

- - -
"If Richard had been a few seconds slower getting out, he would have been incinerated"

The Grand Tour’s executive producer Andy Wilman has revealed just how lucky Hammond was to escape the car before it burst into flames.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “Everyone is so relieved. If Richard had been a few seconds slower getting out, he would have been incinerated.”

Wilman also revealed that he has spoken to the presenter since the accident and the 47-year-old’s main concern was his wife and family.

He said: “I spoke to Richard at the hospital and although he was very shaken, he was conscious and quite lucid. He has had X-rays and a CT scan and is being kept in for observation by the doctors.

“All he said about his injuries was that his knee hurt a lot, which I’m not surprised about as it now has bolts in it and it is fractured. His only worry was about letting his wife and family know he was OK.”
He is playing with fire. :angry-extinguishflame:

The Skid marks are already curved. So it looks like he carried too much speed into the corner.
It is clearly a misjudgement of the corner ahead. E-cars can fool you, as they accelerate very quick.
IMO he just ran out of talent there.

Hammond just used up another one of his 9 lives.
It all started with this and he still gets punished for it.


Maybe someone should explain to him he is not.
He is more like a bad stuntman :mrgreen:

Didn't he do the interview with Evel Knievel? :lol:
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