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By MadManCK
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Beardroid91 wrote:
Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:10 pm
But why, why these small piece of shit gocart engines ? bring back the V8's .... FFS :facepalm:
Without the MGU-H "mufflers" they will already sound 10x better than they do now. Add to that a little more RPM and you have screaming engines again. But i do not know how they will manage less fuel with that.

I think we have to hear them first before we judge :mrgreen:

PS the current F1 engines have the best thermo dynamical efficiency of any combustion based engine ever achieved. It is interesting from an engineering point of view. But totally unworkable for road going engines and ridiculously expensive to develop.
F1 needs to develop technology they can sell to the automotive industry.

EDIT; To achieve higher RPM, the max fuel flow will be increased by 20%. Right now engines are capped to 11.500rpm due to fuel flow limitations. But at the same time more restrictive oeverall fuel consumption rules are proposed.

I say ditch the total amount of fuel caps. And let them race. It is in the teams best interest anyway to use less fuel. Less fuel equals less weight to carry at the start of a race. Less tire degradation and faster lap times. No external cap needed IMO.
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By Beardroid91
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So if the fuel flow is higher is the fuel tanks going to be bigger as well then ?

Also a screaming V6 is not the nicest thing on earth, but sure why not, they are killing the sport anyway with the HALO crap.
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By MadManCK
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Maximum fuel flow does not automatically mean more fuel. It only allows for more peak fuel usage. And that is needed for higher revs.

A lot of drivers who tested the HALO were hindered by it. It does certainly not come without issues. That makes the decision to start using them next year a questionable one. Looks like another FIA strong arm decision. Only because they can.
A screen is better anyway, as it can deflect smaller parts as well.

I found a more disturbing article, that mentioned Ferrari still to have a Veto right over new regulations.
Bernie seems to have sold his soul in previous concorde agreements. If he had one to begin with :lol:

The real talks begin next month. Than the proposed TV rights and other commercial assets, prize money and distribution rights will be negotiated with the teams. Needless to say they all want a bigger slice of the pie. And Ferrari, Mercedes and other top manufacturers might have to let go their insane advantage of up to 80M $ a season (Ferrari), just to compete. Not too long ago, the Minardi Team was run for less than that a whole season.

With Bernie Ecclestone spilling some beans over Ferrari privileges, that might get under fire. And threatening to leave the sport, like Luca di Montezemolo did when he was Ferrari praeses, will not work with US Texans. :mrgreen:

So all these talks will continue over the next couple of years. But the first intentions will be made clear soon®.

It will be interesting to see what direction Liberty Global has in mind for the sport in general.

In the mean time Max will give an F1 demo in Las Vegas, one of the candidates to organize a second GP in the USA. :party:
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By MadManCK
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Lol, they let him actually drive the chassis Kimi Raikkonen won Abu Dhabi 2012 with :lol:

And that sound...now THAT is Formula 1. :eeek:

Paul Ricard will be part of the F1 calender next year. :party:

And this video from Mercedes... :mrgreen:

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By Beardroid91
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Robbing it in with a lot of salt :loll:
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By Lunytrickz
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its because Max has gotten between his ears
vettel is a good driver, but he's a hothead, who can't handle the pressure !
that's why he rammed Hamy, why Singapore happend and now this :doh:
that italian (mafia) mentality dos him No good :think:

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By MadManCK
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Max did crawl under Vettel's skin. Some drivers are afraid of Max, others have respect for him, like Lewis. I think Lewis' positive approach towards new contenders is great. He wants to take them on. Great driver with great attitude on the track and towards racing.

Vettel, on the other hand, wants to get even, take revenge or lets other outside influences mess with his head. And that is the major reason why he did not become World Champion this year. Next to the Ferrari reliability issues.
Ferrari has made huge steps this year. Next year, Vettel needs to clear his head. And focus on his own strength.

Lewis is also liberated from Nico's toxic environment. Those two did not push the team forward. Even if they competed for the championship. With no serious competition it was always going to be a Mercedes last year. And that is one reason why Horner wants to keep Ricciardo with Red Bull. The positive interaction between the drivers.
But Ricciardo will play a strong hand next season. He might have the option to go to Ferrari after all.

Lets hope next year will be a battle between at least 4 teams. :party:
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By MadManCK
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Ferrari has already threatened to leave Formula 1 ater 2020, if their interest is not enough covered within the new rules and regulations.
Marchionne does not want a Formula 1 Nascar type solution, with too many standardized parts.

He might have a point there, but at the same time there is a gap between the top teams and the rest. That is not good for the sport either.

Ferrari has Veto right over new regulation decisions. :angry-banghead:

Both Mercedes and Renault have their concerns over the new proposed engine rules. Obviously only looking from their own interest. Something that has become common in the Formula 1 these days.

The MGU-H has to go. Mercedes has a huge advantage over the other engine makers, as they seem to have the best unit.

But there are a few reasons to get rid of it;
  • It is very expensive to develop and therefore makes the cost of F1 engines go crazy.
  • It muffles the sound of the Engine.
  • It causes reliability issues. Ask Honda...
  • It has nothing in common with any technology that will go into road going cars.
So, creating arguments to keep that technology in place, is just selfish and not in the best interest of the sport. :twocents-02cents:

Every change in engine regulations will create development costs. But the base engine 1.6L V6 will remain. Only a standardized sized turbo, as well as KERS (MGU-K) with standard battery will be new. Reducing costs is key.
This will allow new engine suppliers to enter the game. And performances will grow closer together.

I do not think these arguments will hold. But Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault all have something to gain there.
Maybe they are just creating bargaining chips for later.

And it also shows that individual teams do think about their own interests first and the sport only comes second.
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By MadManCK
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Phelipe Massa has announced his retirement from Formula 1.
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